Curse you, Captain Market!

Well… we as the WH and nullsec miners of Eve have kinda screwed ourselves over with this. Most nerds players who read this blog probably already know why mega prices are currently in the hypothetical shitter of a race of toilet-people, but for those who enjoy shooting things in their spare time, let me give a general summary. I’m not a marketeer, but I like to think of myself as knowing at least a little.

6 Month Megacyte Prices

Insurance on everything T1 is essentially a cap on how low mineral prices can fall, because once the mineral and manufacturing costs of say, a Drake goes below that threshold, industrialists blow their products up for ISKies. The clever way the eve economy has found around this little cap is an overflow of mega and zyd, via WH space and nullsec.

There are two three types of miners, the risky miner, the safe miner, and the macro miner. The safe miner is content to sit in highsec and mine veldspar all day, safe(mostly) and making reliable ISK. The risky miner goes to WH space or nullsec and mines the best ore. The macro miner sits and mines veld automatically in a way so nerfarious that it’s undetectable by CCP.

In any case, this system used to work because there was not very much ABC avaliable. Miners had two choices, to mine in highsec or join a nullsec alliance that operated deep in nullsec for ABC. Then came Apocrypha, with its WHs. Initially, the combatants of Eve went in and carved a oily swath through the sleeper population, idly noting the presence of ABC roids amist the floating sleeper arms and limbs that they grafted together to make T3 cruisers.

After Mr. Wizz-bang-shooty-fun had essentially reduced the sleeper population into little flying bags of ISK with Hadoken beams, Mr. Industrialist perked up his ears at the mentions of ABC. And so the miners who were given a choice between working for peanuts and working for nullsec alliances chose….rapture I mean WH mining.

After the first few tentative steps in which the miners learned how not to die, stopped using T2 rigs and faction boosters on their mining vessels, they started mining. Quite a bit. This mining operation reached full swing about the same time Dominion came out, and with it nullsec roids. Not ordinary nullsec roids, however. These roids… were infinite. In all fairness, WH roids are infinite too, if you know how to work it.

So essentially, everyone who was bored with highsec mining(90% of the highsec mining population, excluding macro miners) went to the new nullsec belts or W-space, and about…half of them got shot to hell so quickly and efficiently that they went straight back to highsec. Those who remained, with large piles of the best roids in Eve, quickly turned those into large piles of ISK, so quickly that they were having to import Tritanium from highsec to build stuff, which was viable because they could spend an hour mining Bistot and buy three hours worth of Tritanium.

Unfortunatley, the WH miners, being unable to focus on making ships because of lack of stations, safety, ectera, couldn’t make ships, so they carted their mega and zydrine to Jita and sold it, possibly more than the market could handle, at about the same time that tritanium was being bought in droves by the nullsecers. All of this has shifted the balance of nullsec/highsec ores towards tritanium, increasing it’s worth until enough people say “f- it” to null and WH mining to increase the rarity of mega and zydrine so the price goes back up so people go back into WHs and nullsec so the price goes back down so….

ect, ect, ect.

So, who here that mines in null or WH is gonna wuss out first? ABC prices have dropped to about 60% of what they were last summer, and the price is gonna keep goin down. Or it won’t. Or maybe it will. Who knows?

6 Month Zydrine Prices

All I know is, I’m not moving from W-space. They’re no rats here, no can flippers, and the roids don’t explode after two or three cycles. You control who can come in and out of your WH, to a degree, and wardecs mean nothing. My corp’s in a wardec atm, and we’re still mining away juuust fine, w/ rorqual support even. It’s everything nullsec, but without a cap fleet breathing down your neck.

PoS shenanigans

Last night, I had an Eve-related dream. I was dual boxing, moving one character on a haul run to empire out of a wormhole, and running a sleeper site on the other in a dominix. In the dream, I kept falling asleep, and waking up and seeing the hauling character floating visible at a WH with a dude flashing red approaching me. I kept telling it to run, then tabbing to the sleeper fight and managing drones, falling asleep again, ectera. Eventually, I screamed “I can do this” in the dream and woke up.
The probable reason behind that dream, besides too many cheese sandwiches, was that the day before, through a varying series of coincidences, I found myself with 900 mil and no idea what to spend it on. After laughing and joking with several people, the responses were:

Market investing

“give it to me lulz”

buy a rattlesnake

Save it

Go capital.

Buy a covetor BPO

After realizing that none of the above options really had any profitable reward, I remebered one of my Eve-resolutions: to manage a PoS. So, asking around in corp, ny alt’s corp, my alt’s alliance, the channel “wspace colonists” and “pos funtime” I had a general idea of what to expect.
Most of the responses told me that Pos management was like trying to keep plates spinning, and managing W-space PoSes was like keeping plates spinning and only being allowed to touch them every six hours.

Disregarding the negative comments(like the idiot I so often am), On the next trip out I bought two simple reaction arrays(24 mil), some minerals(10 mil), and some silos(15 mil). I anchored them, onlined them, took them back offline, put the right BPs and materials in them, onlined them, put them online again, unanchored them and moved everything closer together, onlined it again, cursed at the PoS management tab for a few minutes and finally had everything running smoothly, with cadmium and mercury going in one side and unrefined dysporite coming out the other.

Later, while buying iced tea, saltine crackers and nacho cheese I thought about tech II components, how everyone was whining about how much they cost, so, figuring it was only a small step forward, decided to revamp from small time alchemy to big time minerals to complex materials reactions.

Later still, while enjoying nacho cheese, saltine crackers and iced tea(10$ for three day supply), I scanned an exit to lowsec and headed to jita, buying a large tower(350 mil), fuel for a few days(10 mil), materials for a few days(150 mil, effing dysprosium), a complex array(22 mil), a simple array(10 mil), and assorted blueprints(10 mil), and a small amount of guns and ammo(15 mil). Hauling all of this to our lowsec entered(lowsec->c3->c5->c6->c6->c6->c5->us), I got into home WH, and started anchoring the tower. Things went well, I put the fuel I had purchased in the fuel thingy, and pressed online.

I was immediate informed that I had forgotten liquid ozone and heavy water, and that the static had just gone end of lifetime.

Sneaking over to the PoS already established by a corp mate, who also handles the K-space hauling(Let’s call him Captain Forgiveful), I removed some heavy water and liquid ozone from our rorqual fuel tab in the corp hangar, leaving an IOU. Fifteen minutes later, I realized I had forgotten strontium. Another trip and IOU followed.

Eventually, I got the complex array and simple array anchored, the silos and coupling arrays arranged in a tasteful, yet convenient fashion, and everything running smoothly. I went to bed(4 am) and woke up the next morning, waited for the static to collapse, scanned a new one, scanned a route to K-space(c5->C6->c4->c4->c3->lowsec).

Have I mentioned that I reeeeeeeally hate scanning?

Getting a tally of fuel and materials, I only had 7k m3 of product to haul out, but was going to need like 35k m3 of fuel and materials. So, I fit my Occator for maximum escaping capability(+6 warp strength, 33k tank), and headed through lowsec with 50 mil of product in my cargo, as well as the can “Haav’s painful memories”, a can with a long and meandering story. Essentially, I had it with me mining in highsec, had my first hulk in it when I went to nullsec, was the only cargo container to survive when we were violently pushed out of nullsec, used in W-space to hold personal belongings for the last three months, ectera.
The first jump went smoothly. On the second gate(I was scouting w/ my alt in a capsule), there was a red pirate Abbadon. Hoping he didn’t have four warp scramblers fit, I started warping to the next gate. To my surprise, he warped with me. The next gate had a typhoon and two other Bss, one of which opened fire. Panicking, I jumped through the gate and warped to the next one before the other two could lock me. The gate was clear, I jumped and saw two BSs and an Onxy. I briefly mused on what an Onyx was, and getting no other mental connection than a rock-type pokemon that evolved into Steelix, engaged warp and watched unhappily as he scrammed me completely, painfully reminding me that in addition to tail whip, tackle and screech, an Onyx was a heavy interdictor that could fit a script to get a warp scrambler with infinite strength. The The Occator popped, I warped my pod out, posted a humorous comment in local and continued onto Jita. With my meager funds, I purchased a day of fuel, and went back through the pipe in a Viator (cloaky hauler) and an unfit itty to distract people so the Viator could hide. Both ships made it back into the WH safely w/ a day of fuel.

Reactions are currently underway at a projected profit of 5 mil/hr, and I am currently flat effing broke :P.

Later, I bought the container back from the scramming dudes for a mil, after selling some product. I know it could’ve been another container but figured my odds were good.

Wormhole Woes

The past two days in WH space has not been exciting at all. We have lost ships, my main WH partner is stuck in Empire, a corpmate has lost ships, and I have had to learn how to scan down signatures with my less than perfect scanning skills.

Tuesday 13:51 Eve Time

My WH partner and I had an Orca, 2x Hulks, and a Retriever on a Core site when a gang of hostiles came into the system. A Vexor, Dominix, Anathema and a Phobos bubble us and pod us.

After waking up in Empire in a fresh clone, I headed off to Jita to refit. Some 180 M later, I am on my way back to my home base system in the Essence region. I check up on some jobs, trends on the Empire markets and consolidate some goods from neighboring systems.

Tuesday 15:00 Eve Time

A blue in a neighboring C5 system found my corpmate in our C5. Since my corpmate does not have good scanning abilities, he offers to help us find a way out. After a few hours of scanning, they found a route.

C5 (us) -> C5 (empty) -> C4 (empty) -> C3 (idle Frigates) -> Lowsec Empire exit. I get my main and alt back in WH space, but my WH partner misses the C3 -> C4 connection as he tried the route a few hours after I got in.

Wednesday 13:00 Eve Time

Start scanning our C5 with my main character. After 2.5 hours of scanning, I finally find a route out. C5 -> C5 (empty) -> C4 (abandoned Frigate) -> C3 (abandoned 2x Mobile Small Warp Disruptor I‘s) -> C3 (idle Frigate) -> Lowsec Empire.

This was my first adventure on WH space scanning all on my own. It was up to me to find a route out since I was the only one left with some scanning skills.

I don’t have scanning skills trained up to an effective level; I had to get signatures down to 0.25 AU or 1 AU in order for them to finally come up as green which took a lot more effort than what I have heard from my WH partner who has invented in scanning skills. For now I’ve put Gallente Battleship V on hold in favor of:

  1. Astrometrics IV
  2. Astrometric Pinpointing I
  3. Astrometric Pinpointing II
  4. Astrometric Pinpointing III
  5. Astrometric Rangefinding III
  6. Astrometric Rangefinding IV
  7. Astrometric Pinpointing IV

With Astrometrics at III and Astrometric Rangefinding at II, I am having quicker success when pinning down signatures than I did a few days ago when these skills were not trained. I have also added 2x Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I’s to my Helios, which increase Scan Strength +10% with no stacking penalty, for improved scanning speed.

Thursday 2:00 Eve Time

A K162 opens up into our system and in comes a Wolf (Minmatar Assault Ship). Out of no where it ganks one of my corpmates and he looses a Mining Barge and ends up back in Empire. I found out that he came from C5 (us) -> C4 (empty) -> C5 (did not explore).

Not a good few days in WH space.

Well, tomorrow is another day. My goals are to get my WH partner in our C5, haul in some more fuel and some spare Hulks.