Empires of Eve

My copy of Empires of Eve arrived today so here are some unboxing shots. If you can get the hardcover edition, purchase it. The finish quality and artwork really stands out.

Network Architecture Challenges of Multiplayer Games

Interactive fast-paced games that operate over networks present many challenges to game designers that want to present a fluid user experience. I recently stumbled on a paper written by J.M.P. van Waveren in 2006 that details the advancements in network architecture in Doom III over it’s predecessors such as Quake I, II, and III.

If you want some insight into the items that CCP has to consider when trying to maintain a cohesive grid for our ships to fight on, read the Abstract, Section 1, and Section 2. Further sections go into Doom III specific implementation of transmitting data between server-client.

J.M.P. van Waveren. “The DOOM III Network Architecture”. Id Software, Inc. 2006. [PDF]

Historical Tech 2 BPO Prices

Disclaimer: Account for a large amount of inaccuracy with the price records that I have for Tech 2 BPO sales. The numbers that I have recorded are from scanning official and unofficial forums, chatting with industry counterparts, and some of the values have a price correction built into the value based on a ‘best guess’ from the record of a sale.

Is it better to trade or produce off of a Tech 2 BPO?

It turns out that it depends — the Tech 2 BPO market is highly speculative and subject to swings in price based on an items popularity given trends in balancing, fleet doctrines, or the sheer collectibility of the item. The prices that I have been able to record have been mostly public record. I’m sure that there is a tier of players that deal with blueprints off the record in private backchannels.

Data Scope

Taking data that I have from my previous post on Tech 2 BPO Returns, I did another scan of prices and added them to my records. This gives me a sampling of prices from 2012-03 to 2013-12, a 21 month span.

Sale Prices

The performance of each item varied so I grouped them into ships, modules, drones, and ammunition.

Ship prices are the most stable return, modules second, and then followed by drones. Ammunition seems to be a volatile market; I am not surprised with the Tech 2 BPO value over time for ammunition as I have seen similar volatility with sales as noted in my Trading Performance: Ammo post.


Producing vs Investing

Using the Muninn as an example of a average performer and having the BPO in constant production would yield around 246 per year coming in at 50.683 M profit per hull, or 12.47 B a year of profit.

Our production profit would be around 1.04 B a month and my sheet on the increase of value shows the BPO increasing at 2.38 B per month. It turns out holding on to the print is more valuable than producing off of it.

tl;dr Conclusion

Invest in Tech 2 BPOs that fall under the ship and module category, produce off of them for a year, and resell the item for a higher value.

100M Skill Points

My main has passed the 100M skill point mark, greatly validating my bitter vet status.


I have also almost achieved some nice V’s over the past few years.

Gallente Carrier V
Fighters V
Sentry Drone Interfacing V
Heavy Drone Operation V
Logistics V
Heavy Assault Cruisers V





What’s the next bitter vet milestone? 150 M skill points?

Large Trimark Armor Pump

Capital Rigs

CCP Tallest announced that Capital size rigs are being introduced in the Odyssey expansion with build requirements that are 5x that of Large rigs. With these changes the coveted Trimark II’s that Super and Titan pilots use are going to increase drastically in price.

Now is the time to put Tech 2 rigs into your capital before the expansion hits as they will not be unfitted after the patch. The Jita market was quick to adjust given the new build requirements with Large Trimark II’s climbing to 488.9 from around 300 M.

2013-04-23_trimark_ii_jita_price 2013-04-23_trimark_ii_jita_history

Reliable Trimark

Trimark rigs have served me well over the past few years as a constant source of income given that Large rigs were put in both Battleship and Capital class hulls.


I also wouldn’t be surprised if there were changes to salvage components or the salvage mechanic given the exploration theme of Odyssey. Hopefully further details will be revealed at Fanfest 2013 that will give me more insight into market changes.