Trading 204: Cross-Selling

Modular Possibilities

A Tech 3 ship is a great example of an item that has high cross-selling opportunities. A Tech 3 hull by itself it useless; a person must assemble it by combining it with five Subsystem components –defensive, electronic, engineering, offensive, and propulsion. This requirement for flying the ship gives a trader the ability to also stock the necessary Subsystems and increase potential profits.

Tengu Hull Performance

I have found the Tengu hull to have the most volume out of the four racial Tech 3 hulls due to it’s PVP and PVE applications. The Loki hull is a close second, but it out-shined by the demand of the Tengu.

Over 473 days of trading I’ve sold 56 Tengu hulls. Moving 14.7 B ISK, I was able to achieve a 2.29 B total profit with the average profit per hull coming in at 41.65 M.


Tengu Subsystem Performance

The real trading power comes from using some intelligence and trending to find the most popular Subsystems. My analysis shows that the Amplification Node was the most profitable and also had the highest average profit. The Fuel Catalyst is also a strong performer as it had the second highest average profit. At the bottom of the list was the Covert Reconfiguration as I accredit the cloakey role to be a very niche role.


Cross-selling Performance

25 of the Tengu hull sales included the same client buying one or more Subsystems at or around the same time. On average a person bought 2.6 Subsystems with an average total of 52.4 M profit.

Further analysis shows that the best performance comes from also selling a person 3-4 Subsystems when they are also buying the Tengu hull as the average profit per Subsystem for these transactions types comes in at 21.7-22 M.


HAC Price Volatility

Lockefox got me thinking about my instincts for trading HACs a few days ago. I have always felt the Ishtar’s price to be historically less volatile than then Zealot so I went out to run the numbers and prove my theory.


Annualized Volatility


P = time period


The numbers show that I was correct. If you want something stable to trade, go with the Vagabond. Higher risk items include the Ishtar and Zealot hulls.


Here is a snapshot of the historical buy prices for reference.


New Chapter

No, I am not leaving Eve. I have accepted an Engineering job in the San Francisco Bay Area and will be moving at the end of the summer. This is a major career advancement where I am going from a generalist to an Engineering specialist. My posting will become erratic, but I will return after I get the family settled from the cross-country move.


Wallet Manager Code Update

It is with great pain that I have to announce that my wallet manager code was compromised at an unknown time in the past. I haven’t spent too much time doing computer forensics because I believe that I was compromised on a previous VM that hosted my site in 2011, which has since been deleted in favor of a OS refresh.

Details about the compromise can be found on this post. If you have downloaded and are running a copy of my Wallet Manager, you will want to look at files in the /protected/models/ directory for the exploit code.

Going forward I am going to publish the Wallet Manager code to a public GitHub repository. My goal will be to secure the code, make it open source, and enable community contributions.

100M Skill Points

My main has passed the 100M skill point mark, greatly validating my bitter vet status.


I have also almost achieved some nice V’s over the past few years.

Gallente Carrier V
Fighters V
Sentry Drone Interfacing V
Heavy Drone Operation V
Logistics V
Heavy Assault Cruisers V





What’s the next bitter vet milestone? 150 M skill points?