Vital Core Reservoir Ladar Sites

Vital Core sites are some of the harder Ladar sites in WH space. Each one can spawn up to 2x Advanced Sleeper BS’s which will web and scram. If you have not read Islands among the Stars: A Guide to Everything Wormhole, please do so. It has invaluable information on WH tactics and types of WH sites.

My WH partners and I gathered our PvE ships and decided to take on the harder Ladar sites in order to get at the higher end gas. Our fleet consisted of BS’s with a logistical Dominix fitted with Large Remote Armor Repair System I‘s and Heavy Armor Maintenance Bot I‘s.

Sleeper Damage on my Dominix with 78/71/70/58 resists.

[ 2009.10.25 19:14:07 ] Sleepless Sentinel places an excellent hit on you, inflicting 1349.9 damage.
[ 2009.10.25 19:33:11 ] Sleepless Sentinel places an excellent hit on you, inflicting 222.7 damage.
[ 2009.10.25 19:33:31 ] Phantasmata Missile belonging to Sleepless Sentinel hits you, doing 1367.5 damage.

3x 350mm Railgun I‘s with Antimatter Charge L‘s on the Sleeper BS shields:

[ 2009.10.25 19:27:59 ] Your group of 350mm Railgun I is well aimed at Sleepless Sentinel, inflicting 107.2 damage.

Large Railguns on the Sleeper BS hull:

[ 2009.10.25 19:37:09 ] Your group of 350mm Railgun I is well aimed at Sleepless Sentinel, inflicting 542.8 damage.
[ 2009.10.25 19:37:14 ] Your group of 350mm Railgun I is well aimed at Sleepless Sentinel, inflicting 503.8 damage.

Our fleet performed rather well. As the Sleeper BS’s switched primary targets, we switched our reps. No ship got deep into armor and we successfully unlocked the 2x Ladar sites.

A few of my WH mates spent the ISK and got the Gas Cloud Harvesting skill book for around 21 M each. The skill is a 1x skill so getting it up to IV only took us around 36 hours. For each level, you can use 1 Gas Cloud Harvester I (10 m3 / cycle) and at V, you can use the Tech 2 version, which has double the mining amount (20 m3 / cycle).

The 2x Vital Core Reservoir sites each have 500 C540 and 6,000 C320 sized clouds. Using Jita averages, one C540 cloud would net around 30.75 M and the C320 around 473.3 M. In total, the two Ladar sites came out to around 1.008 B worth of gas.

Gas Harvesting

Gas Harvesting

With our Orca boost, our cycle times went down to 23.6 seconds from 30 seconds. Overall it took 12x Gas Cloud Harvester I‘s around 5-6 hours to clear both sites. I’ve got my alt set on getting the skill up to V so he can use Tech2 harvesters which should drastically cut the time down as the yield per cycle will be doubled.

Some harvesting tips:

  1. Gas Cloud Harvester modules take up a turret high slot.
  2. I have found that a Cruiser or higher hull will have enough power to use 4x Tech1 units.
  3. Gas takes up space. Our two Ladar sites totaled to 70,000 m3.
  4. Check the price of the gas cloud in the Ladar site before you start to harvest. It seems that only C320 and C540 are worth your time.

1.22 B Jita Gank

A week’s worth of WH mining exploded outside 4-4 in Jita last week under the guns of a ganking Hyperion.

ISK Dropped: 1.137 B
Hauler ISK Value: 83.8 M

Killmail (

A recent Eve forum post got me thinking about better hauling tactics and how to deal with passive cargo scanning gank ships. From now on, I am not going to haul anything more than 400-500 M in one trip and I will load up the minerals in Giant Secure Containers.

What are some of your hauling tactics?

Rorqual Operation, Success

A 3 month long corp objective was completed in the late hours of Eve universe a few nights ago. We set our sights on getting a Rorqual in WH space for ore compression. For those that don’t know the function of a Rorqual, it is a capital mining support ship that when in siege mode, can compress ore down (with the aid of BPO’s) to a fraction of their original size. High-end ores like Arkonor, Bistot and Crokite compress down 20:1 and low-end ores at 40:1.

In WH space you are limited to using POS refinery modules to refine ore which yield a maximum of 75%. With proper standings in empire, you can get close to a 100% refine rate. When dealing with multi-billion ISK ore hauls from WH space, you want that additional 25%.

With some corporate funding, we purchased a Rorqual in a lowsec system in the Citadel for around 1.5 B. Now we just needed to wait for a nullsec WH link with proper mass limitations to allow the ship to enter the WH system. After waiting for a few days, we got the link.

Our route led us through two lowsec systems, a Blue nullsec system and unclaimed system in the middle of hostile nullsec.

  1. The Citadel, Kubinen  (0.42). Caldari State
  2. Sinq Laison, Aliette (0.37). Gallente Federation
  3. Domain, Mai (0.43). Amarr Empire
  4. Providence, (0.0). Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA)
  5. Catch, JGW-OT (-0.37). Currently unclaimed, but in Ushra’KhanAAA Citizens, and Against ALL Authorities territory.

Dropping cynos in Sinq and Domin were easy. We lost a cheap frigate to the locals, but that was expected as creating a cyno makes an object on the overview that ANYONE in the system can warp to. For the jump into CVA space, we contacted a known diplomat that helped us find a system with no Cynosural System Jammer.

During the Rorqual move, a hostile chatted in local in WH space and was identified to be in a Buzzard (Caldari Covert Ops).

[01:31:33] Issabella > rip

We looked up this character and it was a member of the Ushra’Khan Alliance. She probably came in from the hostile nullsec WH since it was in the middle of their territory. We saw several Sisters Core Scanner Probes in system, but decided to move the Rorqual anyway. We had 3 combat ships ready to engage if needed in WH space if the Rorqual got warp scrambled.

It came time for the last cyno into hostile space and after scouting out local, which had 2-5 neutrals in it, we decided to go for the final jump. I took a cheap frigate into k-space, dropped the cyno right outside the WH entrance, watched the Rorqual jump into the system, and initiated a self-destruct. This way, the cyno was only active during the 2 minutes that my ship was alive.

Cyno, Cyno Cruiser, WH and Rorqual

Cyno, Cyno Frigate, WH and Rorqual

The Rorqual made it through the WH and warped safely to the POS bubble. After figuring out how to use the Industrial Core I Siege Module and ore compression BPO’s, we were able to start compressing ore.

Ore Compression

Ore Compression

Five hangars of ore (1.4 M M3 x 5 = 7 M M3) compressed down to around 50,000 M3 which we hauled out to Empire via a C2 WH and refined at nearly 100% — more profit.

After the operation was completed, my WH partner sent out a corp-wide message.

2009.10.16 13:21
Just like to say a big thankyou to —, — and — for helping to get the Rorqual from Kubinen to our current nullsec entrance.

The whole operation went smoothly without misshap to the rorqual which is currently nestling comfortably at the J-Gamma POS.

All in all the whole thing was a success which pays a great testament to the teamwork that makes — the best corperation there is 🙂

As the mining starts to wind down over the next week I would still like to offer the PVP/PVE folks the chance to join us as we’ll be raiding the neighbour C2 for their complexes.  This will be a great introduction to W-space guarilla warfare.

Thanks also to our directors which made the purchase of the Rorq possible.  Time to look for the next milestone project.  titan anyone?

Calling in for Corp Help

My WH partner and I called in mining support from our corpmates as there was just too much ore for our 3x Hulks to handle in our new home system. 6x Hulks worked on two Exceptional Core Deposit this weekend and mined the following:
  • Arkonor 10,500 units = 82.95 M ISK
  • Bistot 116,230 units = 581.150 M ISK
  • Crokite 278,750 units = 1.338 B ISK

This totals around 7 M M3 of minerals that need to be refined. We had to put up 5 Corporate Hangars to hold all of our ore!

5x Hangars

5x Hangars

 Right now each member is looking at around 400 M ISK each and we haven’t even touched the following sites:

  1. 3x Ordinary Perimeter Deposit
  2. Unexceptional Frontier Deposit
  3. Average Frontier Deposit
  4. Rarified Core Deposit

Organized POS Attack

We packed up and moved into a neighboring C5 last night. My WH partner and I found an excellent new system with some 35 signatures:
  • 11 Grav (3 core)
  • 15 Ladar (4 core)
  • 7 Radar
  • 2 Mag
  • 4 WHs

Core sites in C5 WH space usually have around 1 to 1.5 B worth of Arkonor, Bistot, and Crokite guarded by a Sleeper BS or a BS and two support Battlecruisers so we jumped at the opportunity to move into this new system.

Our move procedure is as follows:

  1. Get our alts in cloaked ships on any active WHs in system.
  2. Send cloaked hauler into new system to anchor and online Small Tower.
  3. When Small Tower is up and has fuel, begin to move all ships into Small Tower POS bubble. Start with valuable ships such as Orcas, Hulks, and Battleships. Tip: always, always have more than 24 H worth of Strontium in your tower.
  4. Take down Large Tower from old system and launch in new system.
  5. Once the Large Tower is up, setup defenses, launch Hangars, move ships, etc.
  6. Take down Small Tower

Why not just launch a Large Tower and do the move in one step? Well, a small tower can be up and running in 15 minutes while a large tower can take over an hour to bubble. You can land and claim a home in a new system ninja-style with a Small POS. While moving an interesting thing happened.

In between steps 3 and 4, my alt was attacked and podded by a Phobos (Heavy Interdictor) and a support Battlecruiser right outside the connecting WH between our old and new systems. I was able to identify the gankers and warn my partner. We immediately stopped moving all valuable assets and switched our main accounts into Covert Ops ships.

If you are a anti-pirate WH corporation, set Endless Destruction (END..) to red; they attacked and podded my alt character and began a POS assault.

My main character was at the Small POS and within a few minutes, the Phobos and support Battlecruiser were outside the Small POS. Next a Carrier arrived, followed by two BS’s, a Nighthawk (Command Ship), and a T3 ship. It seemed that they want all the juicy ships inside our Small POS and were hoping that we didn’t have any Strontium.

Enemy carrier attacking POS

Enemy carrier attacking POS

Bouncer I‘s were launched from the Carrier and then the missile/laser spam started. We had a full complement of Strontium in our Small POS so we sat and waited. My WH partner zoomed around in a Covert Ops, watching them in our system. They came in from a neighbor C5 system that we had not yet explored.
A hauler came up on directional and was soon at the POS. Two Mobile Large Warp Disruptor II‘s were setup to enclose our POS in order to lock down any ship trying to get out.
Double Bubble

Double Bubble

These people apparently meant business and wanted our POS down. After around 1.5 hours of POS bashing, we went into reinforced mode with a 1 D 16 H timer. Their guns went silent and every ship remained still for a number of minutes.

I knew they were chatting about what to do — keep a scanner ship logged off in system and scan down an empire link for them to attack once were out of reinforced mode? simply leave the system and forget about us?

After 5 minutes, ships started to warp off or dock up in the carrier. The Mobile Warp Disruptors were taken down and they left the system. Whew. It was very fun to watch as I have never been on the offensive end of a POS attack.

WH Rule #1: Don’t talk about WH space. Er, I mean… WH Rule #1: Always have Strontium in your towers.

If we didn’t have any Strontium, the bubble would have gone down. Multiple Battleships, support Battlecruisers, an Orca, and haulers from every race would have been theirs for the taking — a multi-billion ISK loss and a podding back to Empire.

A few hours after they had left, we finished hauling over the Large POS from the old system and got it online in the new system. Ah, so nice when that Large POS bubble goes online.

Nice try Endless Destruction. Now to make some money!