*non-imaginary* friends.

Just as a quick recap, here’s the different wormhole classes:

C1: No BSs allowed, soloable by any ship with a reasonable tank.

C2: BSs and smaller allowed, sites can be done with RR cruisers/battlecruisers, drakes tanked moderatley, ect.

C3 BSs and smaller allowed, drake fully fit for tank, t3s, BSs can handle it.

C4 You need a RR chain or a stupidly tanked BS/t3 to run these.

C5: 4-5 RR BSs, T3s/t2 cruisers, anything smaller/bigger/less tanked typically goes pop.

C6: 10 perfect beings flying battleships/t3/t2 in perfect unison allotting RR before it is even needed.

You’ll notice that C4 and above generally have “RR” somewhere in their descriptions. This means, in general, that having friends to do these sites with is a requirement.

I know some of you will instantly think “Well I have alts that can rep me hur hur ur wrong” but shut it. Either you haven’t tried to use three accounts at once for logistical purposes, or you have and are better at it than I am, because I’ve been losing battleships left and damn right.

Another way people try to skid around the whole “having friends” bit is by spending stupid amounts of ISK on nice ships/modules. This either results in a very pretty/expensive killmail or a carrier in a WH anomaly. I’d just like to remind everyone that carriers in C4, C5 and C6 anomalies spawn multiple BSs which quickly alpha anyone silly enough to…..

Be in the general vicinity if you haven’t already cleared the site, I guess.

So, C4 or higher? Have friends. Considering this is W-space, a metaphorical equivalent to sitting with a few people next to an unlocked chest containing all of your and their possessions, make them good friends.

Oh, and make sure those people are at least semi-competent or you may get hit like these poor bastards:

Thanks to CCRES to the encounter and chatlogs.

CCRES, a WH ubercorp/alliance came across four carriers and an abaddon running a c6 site. Since it was four carriers, they could tank the damage and use fighters, drones and the one BS to kill the initial spawn as well as the 16 additional BSs spawned from the carriers warping on grid. Easy money.

Unfortunately the fighters kept getting alpha-ed and as such damage was low. They tried to warp in a scorpion and a nightmare to help with the BSs, but the sleepers didn’t take that too well and popped the scorp while almost killing the nightmare. Apparently these people took upwards of several hours to kill the first wave while tanking the 16 BSs, while CCRES sat in the sidelines patiently waiting to gank them.

For the first hour and a half or so… after that they used zephyrs and covops to steal all the wrecks and warp away laughing.

So, in general, have enough people to run the sites, and carriers are for once you’ve shown you’re good enough to run the sites without them.

Chat N SShots:
[ 2010.11.03 07:36:01 ] Bertilak Duvall > weak
[ 2010.11.03 07:36:23 ] Klann Schreck > most efficient way to run site EVER_ no ammo used
[ 2010.11.03 07:36:25 ] Jack Miton > you run sites like old people fuck
[ 2010.11.03 07:36:34 ] Lord Zaff > disabled parking spot amiright
[ 2010.11.03 07:36:37 ] Klann Schreck > slow and with broken parts?
[ 2010.11.03 07:36:47 ] Jack Miton > yup
[ 2010.11.03 07:37:00 ] Klann Schreck > I know you guys are running sites, and imma let you finish, but JESUS CHRIST we’ve been here for HOURS watching this shitshow
[ 2010.11.03 07:37:27 ] Bertilak Duvall > then go find something better to do
[ 2010.11.03 07:37:31 ] Klann Schreck > na
[ 2010.11.03 07:37:34 ] Uriel Kharan > But this is awesome
[ 2010.11.03 07:37:34 ] Klann Schreck > free blue tags
[ 2010.11.03 07:37:49 ] Bertilak Duvall > i know ya’ll need stuff after all that you lost
[ 2010.11.03 07:37:57 ] Klann Schreck > pffft
[ 2010.11.03 07:38:00 ] Klann Schreck > already replaced it lols
[ 2010.11.03 07:39:58 ] Uriel Kharan > So do you guys do this often?
[ 2010.11.03 07:40:05 ] Jack Miton > lol, i doubt it
[ 2010.11.03 07:42:00 ] EVE System > Subspace communication beacon unreachable. Channel list unavailable.
[ 2010.11.03 07:46:53 ] EVE System > Subspace communication beacon unreachable. Channel list unavailable.
[ 2010.11.03 07:47:09 ] Klann Schreck > hey guys! guess what! we jsut made 70 mill off those tags
[ 2010.11.03 07:47:12 ] Uriel Kharan > Should I come back periodically?
[ 2010.11.03 07:47:21 ] Klann Schreck > and dont mind us, we’re jsut gonna probe out your system, see if there’s anything good

P.S. In general CCRES doesn’t smack, but can you blame them?


2 Month Trading Update

Things have been going really well in tradingland. My partner and I have written a custom wallet site that pulls in our data from the Eve API based on the Yii framework.

We’ve developed some nice graphs to show historical sales data, reports on the top items, and how well certain groups (Battleships, Fuel, etc) are selling.

Sample Item Graph

2 Month Profit Graph in M of ISK

Liquid ISK: 5.4 B
Freighters and ship assets: 5.53 B
Character 1 Sell Orders: 6.18 B
Character 2 Sell Orders: 1.42 B

Net Worth: 18.53 B