2 Month Trading Update

Things have been going really well in tradingland. My partner and I have written a custom wallet site that pulls in our data from the Eve API based on the Yii framework.

We’ve developed some nice graphs to show historical sales data, reports on the top items, and how well certain groups (Battleships, Fuel, etc) are selling.

Sample Item Graph

2 Month Profit Graph in M of ISK

Liquid ISK: 5.4 B
Freighters and ship assets: 5.53 B
Character 1 Sell Orders: 6.18 B
Character 2 Sell Orders: 1.42 B

Net Worth: 18.53 B

5 Comments on “2 Month Trading Update”

  1. cailais says:

    Wow, I’m no trading expert but that looks pretty useful! Is this something you plan to release or just for personal use?


    • Blake says:

      Not sure yet as we are still developing it. There is a lot of custom ajax work to get it running so we are no where near a packaged release.

      • cailais says:

        No problems it just looks really very useful. I assume the drops are where you are buying in new stock? Or are those just days of reduced sales?


      • Blake says:

        Drops are slow sales. You’re inspiring me to write a post about the wallet manager that we have developed.

  2. Kaylee says:

    Very cool — looks like your trading is going well! I too am interested in hearing about your wallet manager 🙂

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