Capital Industry Manager

Our Custom Wallet Manager and my trading operation has undergone some growth in the past two weeks as I have been expanding into Industry. I have two characters with Production Efficiency V, Advanced Mass Production IV, and Science V and some cash so I wanted to start big, really big.

I wanted to expand on our Wallet Manager and track:

  • Mineral Stock
  • Capital Component Stock
  • Industry Jobs: Manufacturing, Copying, ME/PE Research

After some long discussion with my trading and coding partner James, I had a wireframe mocked up and here are the results:

Capital Build Page
Industry Job Page

These two pages work off of the Assets and Industry Jobs APIs. Our biggest setback is that the Asset API limit is 23 hours. The workaround that we crafted is to have the asset quantity get updated with the quantity of the Capital Components that were produced when the Manufacturing job completes (API change of  “completed” from 0 to 1) .