Q2 2013 Financial Report


No changes have been made to trading or construction strategy in Q1 or Q2 of 2013. The Capital Construction wing has been resulting in a hull sale every 2.19 days on average thanks to Raath’s management, Jump Freighter production has been proceeding, and copy jobs on Freighter BPOs are in progress to feed future Jump Freighter production jobs.

Net Worth

Somewhere around the start of the summer we passed the 200 B mark with a large majority in BPOs. This amount does not include the 5 B outsourced to Lockefox for Jump Freighter construction as I will count this amount when it has been returned or rolled into another venture.



Revenue Trend

Now that Capital sales having outpaced normal trading due to my lack of time commitment to 0.01 trading, there is a trend emerging in our revenue report. There is a concentration of income around a narrow band of around 1,000 M (1B) ISK.


Jump Freighter Construction with Lockefox

Manufacturing and sales have been progressing.


I have purchased 1x Racial Freighter BPOs and have them in copy jobs so that I can perform invention jobs to further this joint venture as it looks to be very profitable.

Heavy Industry

Jobs have been proceeding unabated.


Capital Runs 1-109


Project has been running now for 239.5 days and has generated 33.2 B in profit averaging 304.9 M/hull with a sale every 2.19 days.

2013-07-05_capital_quantity 2013-07-05_capital_hull_type

War is Good for Business

I am positioned to sell to anyone due to my building location as it is not a sovereign station. There was a noticeable uptick in armament when the Fountain campaign was announced in late April of 2013.