Capital Runs 1-109


Project has been running now for 239.5 days and has generated 33.2 B in profit averaging 304.9 M/hull with a sale every 2.19 days.

2013-07-05_capital_quantity 2013-07-05_capital_hull_type

War is Good for Business

I am positioned to sell to anyone due to my building location as it is not a sovereign station. There was a noticeable uptick in armament when the Fountain campaign was announced in late April of 2013.


5 Comments on “Capital Runs 1-109”

  1. BP says:

    For pilots looking into capital production (distant future) would you be willing to talk a little about choosing the right build location?

    • Blake says:

      Sure I can write a post about selecting a good build location.

    • Fluffy says:

      I too am looking to build capitals in the future and would love to see a post on building location as well.

  2. Clotho says:

    Will you choose to set up a POS as building base?

    • Blake says:

      No. Using a POS is a bad idea. I’ll write a full post about finding the best building locations.

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