7 Month Trading Update

Data from 2010-10-18 and ending 2011-05-26:

  • 4,561 unique people in sale transactions
  • 697 unique items sold
  • 906,279,934 quantity of items sold
  • 242,451,408,763.64 ISK sold

I’ve moved a lot of liquid ISK into BPOs in the past three weeks. I’m now the proud owner of all the Capital BPO components (minus the Dread and Titan ones), Thanatos, Chimera, Maelstrom, Drake, and Hurricane. I also picked up a full set of the T2 Ship Component BPOs and all cruiser BPOs that can produce an invented T2 ship. Perhaps I will have to try out Invention.

It’s my birthday today

My family sent me a 24 pack of coke bottles, a half eaten snack bag of pretzels, a walgreen’s brand Dr Pepper with “happy birthday” written on it and a chocolate croissant.

CCP got me the alt feature in scanning and delayed the JB one-per-system change for a month.

Have a great day, everyone!

Industrial Rejoice: BPO BPC Icon Change

On the test server we now have different icons for BPOs and BPCs. As a person that has worked with Invention, Research, and Manufacturing, I can’t begin to even describe how much this will positively affect me. I have been waiting for this change since I started producing items in Eve in 2008.

The darker blue icons are BPOs. Lighter ones, BPCs.

Thank you CCP for reviewing such forum posts as Akita T’s Thousand Papercuts thread.

Quafe Zero Speculation

Let the trading begin! I can only imagine that the price of this item will increase over time. I do wonder if this is a first step into CCP’s vision of ‘trading drugs at the bar person-to-person’ Incarna-style.

Get yer Quafe Zero! Quafe Zero here for sale! 15 M a can! In this instance, I am all for pushing drugs on the general population.

Eve Market Forum thread for Quafe Zero Speculation.

Refined Capital Production Page

If you are not aware, my friend James and I have been working on a custom wallet manager.

After many hours of coding, I’d like to show you all the finished Capital Production Page with the information for one of my favorite ships, the Nyx. The price data at the bottom is dummy data so no, I will not sell you a Nyx for 20B.

955×1242 image

Up next is the Subcapital Production Page.