Industrial Rejoice: BPO BPC Icon Change

On the test server we now have different icons for BPOs and BPCs. As a person that has worked with Invention, Research, and Manufacturing, I can’t begin to even describe how much this will positively affect me. I have been waiting for this change since I started producing items in Eve in 2008.

The darker blue icons are BPOs. Lighter ones, BPCs.

Thank you CCP for reviewing such forum posts as Akita T’s Thousand Papercuts thread.

7 Comments on “Industrial Rejoice: BPO BPC Icon Change”

  1. Kename Fin says:

    Is About Time

  2. Sard Caid says:

    I’d have to see it in game I suppose, but a shade change isn’t enough from the sample image you included. If they can do that, why not include a tag on the top left, perhaps with an “O” or some such?

    • Blake says:

      That is what I thought also. Some sort of tag like the Meta icon for T1/2/3/Faction/Officer. Perhaps it will change — it is the test server after all.

  3. Eelis says:

    about time too!

  4. Marcus Caspis says:

    While I am hugely grateful for this – the Dump shits at CCP did not take into account that if you are slightly colorblind this makes absolutely no difference.

    Where is the Clear Indicator that this is a BPO vs PBC… Something similar to T1 vs T2 I would have thought.

    • Blake says:

      Yeah I thought it was going to be a meta tag that would display a “O” or “C”. Does the horizontal row shading not help?

  5. […] 1.5 (May 2011), the icon change for BPO/BPCs hit Tranquility and I rejoiced because my industrial life was forever changed. Simple change with a large impact. I believe than […]

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