Mass Tech 3 Subsystem Production


I spent 4 B on a bulk deal and aquired 305 T3 Subsystem BPCs. It will cost 38 B to buy the components to build 46 B worth of Subsystems. After the blueprint investment cost, the production run will result in a 4.1 B profit (9.13%)

Note: this profit estimation does not take in account for POS fuel or taxes. Additionally, there is the hauling, build, and trading time factor that I have not calculated. Time is money and the minerals you mine are not free.

Before Inferno Unified Inventory

Tech 3 in General

Another complicated production chain greeted my eyes as I started to learn the depth of the production process. Sleeper drops/salvage, gas reactions, and POS limited production oh my.

I found that the general price of Tech 3 hulls and Subsystems have been declining in line with the build Materials over the past year. Melted Nanoribbons, which account for a large percentage of Tech 3 items, are on the decline.

This price decline can be attributed to the general movement into Wormhole space over the past two years and that people have learned how to efficiently farm Sleeper sites.

Build Requirements

SQL all the things!

I’ve got a bunch of Subsystem BPCs which need Hybrid Components. These Hybrid Components are made from Materials (Salvage and Polymers). My level in the production chain will be to buy the Salvage and Polymers, make Hybrid Components and put these together to make Subsystems.

I needed to work with a custom table to get a master list of Materials that will go into the production run from my list of BPCs.

Using my custom typeBuildReqs table (creation details here in section 301), the following query will take the typeID of the Subsystem blueprint and give you a quantity and price of Materials needed. I have a price table called assetValues, so take that section or modify as needed.

SELECT typeBuildReqs.requiredTypeID, SUM(typeBuildReqs.quantity) AS totalQuantity, invTypes.typeName, (SUM(typeBuildReqs.quantity) * assetValues.value) AS totalValue FROM typeBuildReqs
 SELECT invBlueprintTypes.blueprintTypeID as componentBlueprintID
 FROM typeBuildReqs
 JOIN invBlueprintTypes ON (invBlueprintTypes.productTypeID = typeBuildReqs.requiredTypeID)
 WHERE typeBuildReqs.blueprintTypeID = 30227 AND activityID = 1
) AS comp ON (comp.componentBlueprintID = typeBuildReqs.blueprintTypeID)
JOIN invTypes ON (invTypes.typeID = typeBuildReqs.requiredTypeID)
JOIN assetValues ON (assetValues.typeID = typeBuildReqs.requiredTypeID)
GROUP BY typeBuildReqs.requiredTypeID

The Spreadsheet Magic

Breakdown of BPCs by race and what Hybrid Components are needed.

Breakdown of Materials needed to build Hybrid Components and total build cost.

Melted Nanoribbons account for 71.5% of the material cost.

Bottom Line

Production Strategy

For me 38 B is a lot of liquid ISK to be tied up while these Subsystems are constructed. Since Melted Nanoribbons account for such a large portion of the cost, I plan on purchasing all of the materials in totality but initially only 25% or 33% of the total number of Nanoribbons needed.

Everything minus Nanoribbons – 10.8 B
25% Nanoribbons –  6.7 B or 33% Nanoribbons – 8.9 B

My Kingdom for a POS

Subsystems cannot be made at a NPC station and must be installed in a Subsystem Assembly Array anchored at a POS. Since I do not currently have a POS up and running, I have a few options for producing these items:

  1. Grind standing with the appropriate Faction. I do not like mission grinding. I might revisit this option once we have the (rumored) ability to change standings by trading in tags.
  2. Pay a highsec POS anchoring service to drop a tower for me after joining my corporation. Probably the easiest option and I would get a anchored tower out of the deal.
  3. Setup a POS in lowsec and hope not to be discovered. Risky as some bored gang could reinforce the tower, locking your assets until the timer is up.
  4. Contract out the Subsystem production to a corporation that can build them. Higher risk for scams, less profit due to them taking a portion of the profit, but I wouldn’t have to deal with he production line.


I am going to put a hold on this project as I am going to put my liquid reserve into other ventures. The return is not high enough for the time invested. I’ll keep the BPCs in my hangar and revisit in a few months.

2 Year Anniversary Wormhole Prize Hunt Giveaway Bonanza

Two years ago a corpmate responded to my boredom comments in corp chat with an offer to come join him in the new frontier known as Wormhole space.  I dove in headfirst with nothing to my name but a Covetor, a Dominix, and some 50 M in ISK.

At this time there were a lot of mechanics and logistical challenges to be figured out. We started this blog to help share some of our discoveries, shenanigans, and encounters in the unknown land of Wormhole space with the Eve community. Though we are currently not active in Wormhole space, I still keep the original mission of openly sharing information and experiences with the community alive.

So cheers to you, the Eve community, for being readers of our discourse. We would like to offer up prizes to everyone that has helped us stay passionately involved over the past two years.

As in true k162space fashion, we’re not going to simply give away a prize to the best comment, worst fit, or hold a lottery (thanks to CCP_OhWell for the wonderful suggestion).

Anchored in J124654J212203, and J235219 around a planet is a can with a Bookmark. Comment on this post with the Bookmark codename as the comment will serve as your timestamp. Prizes will be given out based on discovery time.

1st Prize – PLEX [update] Found Sept 9 @ 17:01
2nd Prize – Pirate Frigate of your choice with T1 rigs and T2 modules
3rd Prize – Sisters Scanning Set

Fire up the scanning probes and get hunting!

Again, thanks everyone for the experiences so far and cheers to another two years!

Edit from miningzen: The cans are at 0 on planet III in all three systems and are called “”, no password.

Expansion Wishlist

1. Undockable Capital Ships (Supercarriers, Titans) Need Upkeep

Consume fuel such Coolant, Enriched Uranium, Racial Isotopes, Mechanical Parts, Oxygen, Robotics.

These ships are huge and don’t dock. How are they so self-sustaining? If you expand this idea, perhaps even require some Water and Foodstuffs for them to run.

I also think it would be neat if they needed to be stocked with crew such as Civilians, Slaves (Amarr), Janitors, and Marines.

2. Subsystem Targeting for Capitals

Creating the ability to disable a specific gun, module, or Jump Drive on capitals would change combat.

3. Supercarrier Fighter and Fighter Bomber Only Bay

4. Anti-Fighter/Bomber Capital Class Ship

Smaller than a Carrier/Dread ship that can go into Siege and get a bonus for taking out Fighter/Bombers.

5. Multistation Nullsec Outposts

We’ve been asking for this one for a while and I can’t imagine the change would be all that hard. Right now if you want to have industry in nullsec, you need to put up a few Stations across the constellation. If you could concentrate services into one system, I feel that you could really create a seance of a “home system” for industrial operations.

6. Player Destructible Outposts

Perhaps an additional timer after you have destroyed all the station services?

7. Reduce % of ABC Ores in Highsec Accessable Wormholes

Having lived in wormhole space for over 6 months I can tell you that getting items in and out is a logistical challenge. I don’t think that ABC ores should be entirely removed from lower class wormholes such as C1-C3s, but rather that their amount reduced.

8. Officer, Deadspace, and Faction Mods on the Market

I loved that Pirate and Navy ships have been added to the Market. I would like to see the other modules added.

9. Tactical Overlay for Optimal and Falloff

There should be a type of indicator added to the Tactical Overlay that shows additional information such as your optimal and falloff.

April fools failure

For those who clicked this link hoping for another story of failure in an april fools prank, there isn’t one. Apparently we’re part of W.I. now and something about not pissing the rest of the NC off and keeping a good name intact or something silly like that.

The fittings took longer than expected to plan, working out logistics and cyno timings were a nightmare, I couldn’t find the right static in time and warp bubbles are harder to anchor than I thought.

In addition, the covops pilot was started late, the Thanatos wasn’t in position due to early unforeseen circumstances, one of the Orcas got stuck in a c4 for a while and apparently some NC alliances get touchy about where you scan.

The Nomad pilot chickened out at the last minute, I wasn’t able to achieve the NC/drone coalition temp ceasefire needed for step seven, I forgot a skill I needed for covert cynos and PL was just plain unhelpful.

Learning passable Russian took longer than expected, the towers ran out of fuel and apparently Atlas was still a bit touchy about that whole broken renter agreement thing.

In addition, CCP Soundwave was too busy with Fanfest, The Mittani didn’t think it would be very funny and I am deeply sorry about mixing up “jump” and “hold gate”, everyone involved will be reimbursed.

I’d like to apologize to CCP Fallout, Dreddit, that one covops pilot who saw too much, most of Mostly Harmless and that one corp in the C4 we had to evict. My bad.

Thanks to everyone involved, I’m sorry about those carriers and I’ll do better next year, once my corp gives me back my diplomat and pos manager roles. Sheesh, some people can’t take a joke.

Edit: Last year’s failure.

Some light reading during the downtime.

So, due to a logical proofs test on tuesday, I held off on my usual fueling of the towers on sunday and studied instead like a good little college student. That plus dinner, a movie with a friend and a variety of coincidences leaves me at 3:00 Eve time ready to refuel and restock the towers. I pull up a SC2 commentated replay, my favorite fanfictions and start leisurely warping the freighter the 12 jumps from Jita to my static of the moment, slated to close in about three hours.

Plenty of time.

Of course, come 5:00 eve time, I’m 2j away from the target system when THIS comes up:

Attention players, we’re turning off the servers in about an hour for more patching stuff. It’s gonna be off for a while, so have a long skill trained!

I know that this was featured on the logon screen for a good day before, but in my defense it’s really hard to convert eve time to my local time. I have to add numbers together and everything!

So, I now have an hour to get the PoSes refueled and restocked. And so the fun begins.

Wspace colonists:

I warp to the WH BM labeled “2 am sun night” and THE WH ISN’T THERE. Fearing the worst, I stop the freighter 2j from the possibly-now-dead system and start aligning back towards jita. I drop probes, scan, find a WH
I warp to a WH, BM it as “mon night 12:07”, then, just to make sure it isn’t an old WH, i mouse over all my old BMs in turn to make sure I don’t already have this location saved. A momentary panic at an “approach location” appearing next to a BM called “mon night 12:07” is ended when I realize that it’s the BM that I just made. I find the correct BM and warp to it, jump through the WH. Horray! The route is still good. Tab back to the freighter.

Which is now 5km off gate.
Wspace colonists:

I reapproach with the freighter, jump back through the WH, warp to pos, grab an itty and fill it with some of the reactants. Jump back to the WH, hit jump…
“a recent jump has made this WH unstable due to some science thing. Try again in 2 minutes and 10 seconds.”

Wspace Colonists:
Haav: GYAH

I jump through into the system, annnnddd….. No station in system.

Wspace Colonists:
Haav: Oh ffs

Warp one system over, dock, freighter docks, I split the fuel and stuff into fifths and haul in a fifth of it.

Then both clients DC simultaniously. Oh, my connection crashed.

In a misguided attempt to stay efficient, I start moving the carbon polymers from tower 1 to towers 2, 4, and 14.

Screw the polymers, I’ll just divy up fuel.


I try to use the freighter alt to help haul fuel, but half of her “tower ##” bms are for the actual towers and the other half are for the silos, the crowning moment being the bookmark “tower 04 (silo)” which goes to the opposite side of the tower from the silos. Go figure.

If I have 14 towers and am spending about two minutes per to get all the little numbers up to at least two days, can I finish in half an hour?

Apparently so.

Freighter pod jumps back into normal space.
Wspace colonists:
haav wew-
annnd the downtime starts. See you all in 1-2 days!