Some light reading during the downtime.

So, due to a logical proofs test on tuesday, I held off on my usual fueling of the towers on sunday and studied instead like a good little college student. That plus dinner, a movie with a friend and a variety of coincidences leaves me at 3:00 Eve time ready to refuel and restock the towers. I pull up a SC2 commentated replay, my favorite fanfictions and start leisurely warping the freighter the 12 jumps from Jita to my static of the moment, slated to close in about three hours.

Plenty of time.

Of course, come 5:00 eve time, I’m 2j away from the target system when THIS comes up:

Attention players, we’re turning off the servers in about an hour for more patching stuff. It’s gonna be off for a while, so have a long skill trained!

I know that this was featured on the logon screen for a good day before, but in my defense it’s really hard to convert eve time to my local time. I have to add numbers together and everything!

So, I now have an hour to get the PoSes refueled and restocked. And so the fun begins.

Wspace colonists:

I warp to the WH BM labeled “2 am sun night” and THE WH ISN’T THERE. Fearing the worst, I stop the freighter 2j from the possibly-now-dead system and start aligning back towards jita. I drop probes, scan, find a WH
I warp to a WH, BM it as “mon night 12:07”, then, just to make sure it isn’t an old WH, i mouse over all my old BMs in turn to make sure I don’t already have this location saved. A momentary panic at an “approach location” appearing next to a BM called “mon night 12:07” is ended when I realize that it’s the BM that I just made. I find the correct BM and warp to it, jump through the WH. Horray! The route is still good. Tab back to the freighter.

Which is now 5km off gate.
Wspace colonists:

I reapproach with the freighter, jump back through the WH, warp to pos, grab an itty and fill it with some of the reactants. Jump back to the WH, hit jump…
“a recent jump has made this WH unstable due to some science thing. Try again in 2 minutes and 10 seconds.”

Wspace Colonists:
Haav: GYAH

I jump through into the system, annnnddd….. No station in system.

Wspace Colonists:
Haav: Oh ffs

Warp one system over, dock, freighter docks, I split the fuel and stuff into fifths and haul in a fifth of it.

Then both clients DC simultaniously. Oh, my connection crashed.

In a misguided attempt to stay efficient, I start moving the carbon polymers from tower 1 to towers 2, 4, and 14.

Screw the polymers, I’ll just divy up fuel.


I try to use the freighter alt to help haul fuel, but half of her “tower ##” bms are for the actual towers and the other half are for the silos, the crowning moment being the bookmark “tower 04 (silo)” which goes to the opposite side of the tower from the silos. Go figure.

If I have 14 towers and am spending about two minutes per to get all the little numbers up to at least two days, can I finish in half an hour?

Apparently so.

Freighter pod jumps back into normal space.
Wspace colonists:
haav wew-
annnd the downtime starts. See you all in 1-2 days!

8 Comments on “Some light reading during the downtime.”

  1. Reaper cross says:

    Lol is all I can say :p

  2. Sae says:

    You sure like cutting it close, I was there at about 4:00 when you went “FUUUUUUUUUU” the first time. Wondering if you were booted from the game twice at about 4:35-4:40 (like many people) since you didn’t mention it.

  3. Dave says:

    Very funny stuff!! LOL!

  4. God I love this blog!

  5. Klann says:

    everytime I read this blog, it makes me happy I dont do industry lols. stories that go “and then we decided to see what would die first, my nighthawk or the nyx’es firbolgs” seem a lot more fun then “and then I had to race to fuel towers”

  6. Mandreh says:

    Hey was wondering if it is possible for a button to be made on staticmapper in game that once i have scanned a system it automatically upload it to the sigmap. i know we spoke about this but i am not sure where to post this request.

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