The Future of Guidance Systems

Over the past few months, I have become involved in the trading aspect of Eve. The change of NPC seeded items into player made ones via the PI method has fascinated me. The infinite supply has been removed and now the market is open.

Note: This information is based on my own research and as such, your results may vary.

Quick Research:

  1. Average daily consumption at around 373,000 units/day pre-Tyrannis
  2. Total of large market buyout at NPC prices that occurred before Tyrannis launch at around 162,951,000 units over 10 days (wild!). Reports indicate that Goons were the major purchaser.
  3. Estimated date for stockpile to return to normal: 407 days (~ June/July 2011)

Right now it costs about 25,987 ISK to make 1 Guidance System via the PI mechanics so I hope that you are not producing them and selling on the open market.

The Forge, October 12, 2010


Price of Guidance Systems will slowly climb up and crash as people who have stockpiled millions of units take profits. Eventually when the pre-Tyrannis stockpiles run out, we will see the price climb to the expected 25,000 ISK.


Q. Are you posting this information in an attempt to manipulate the market to cause a short-term spike to take some profits?

A. Nope. If you had read my blog at all, you know that it is all about sharing information. I started by sharing my experiences in WH space to help other people understand the mechanics.

Q. How did you arrive at the 25,000 ISK/unit value?

A. I used the price of the Tier 1 Products (P1) in my estimation as they have reached a stable value over the past few months.

Q: What if CCP changes some of the ratios?

A: Then my predictions are f***ed.

Q: I’ve read about some impending changes to the click-click-click nature of PI coming out with Incursion. How will that effect prices?

A: PI is already run by macro’ers. I believe that it will have little to no change on PI prices.

tl;dr. Guidance Systems are a great long-term buy if you want a guaranteed investment. Selling at ~4,100 now and projected to 25,000 ISK in June/July 2011.

5 Comments on “The Future of Guidance Systems”

  1. Kename Fin says:

    I am NOT a macro! 🙂

  2. Latrodanes says:

    Guidance systems are one of the PI items that are available as loot drops in missions. Analysis of several other PI items places them in the same category, so you now have the classic loot vs. production issues that used to occur with T1 junk impacting PI.

  3. zooma says:

    as i was building t2 drones prior to pi i bought a frighter or more of guidence chips as that was the quantity in one station by npc, was like 80 mill worth at npc prices, what ever that is, I dont think i’ll ever need to buy them again =) YAH!

    just wish i had bought more stuff pre pi, I was trading in construction blocks and stockpiling,for my own t2.
    the other is enriched uranium and coolant that might settle around 5-8k each long term.

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