2 Year Anniversary Wormhole Prize Hunt Giveaway Bonanza

Two years ago a corpmate responded to my boredom comments in corp chat with an offer to come join him in the new frontier known as Wormhole space.  I dove in headfirst with nothing to my name but a Covetor, a Dominix, and some 50 M in ISK.

At this time there were a lot of mechanics and logistical challenges to be figured out. We started this blog to help share some of our discoveries, shenanigans, and encounters in the unknown land of Wormhole space with the Eve community. Though we are currently not active in Wormhole space, I still keep the original mission of openly sharing information and experiences with the community alive.

So cheers to you, the Eve community, for being readers of our discourse. We would like to offer up prizes to everyone that has helped us stay passionately involved over the past two years.

As in true k162space fashion, we’re not going to simply give away a prize to the best comment, worst fit, or hold a lottery (thanks to CCP_OhWell for the wonderful suggestion).

Anchored in J124654J212203, and J235219 around a planet is a can with a Bookmark. Comment on this post with the Bookmark codename as the comment will serve as your timestamp. Prizes will be given out based on discovery time.

1st Prize – PLEX [update] Found Sept 9 @ 17:01
2nd Prize – Pirate Frigate of your choice with T1 rigs and T2 modules
3rd Prize – Sisters Scanning Set

Fire up the scanning probes and get hunting!

Again, thanks everyone for the experiences so far and cheers to another two years!

Edit from miningzen: The cans are at 0 on planet III in all three systems and are called “k162space.com”, no password.

20 Comments on “2 Year Anniversary Wormhole Prize Hunt Giveaway Bonanza”

  1. Bede says:

    Nice, Last time i tried to leave a prize/loot in wh space, they blew it up instead :/

  2. Otto says:

    Heh, nice random cans. Hope you put a bookmark with the URL of the blog in there so whoever finds the can posts here about it.

  3. Chitsa Jason says:

    Can we offer some prizes as well?

    DUCK alliance

  4. cazos says:

    I found the first can. It’s says on the BM “6 free GTC from Raath”

    What do i win?

  5. Cazzy, you’re an evil liar! And worse, obviously you’re poor!

    still wuv you though :3

  6. wh pirate says:

    lol’s first prize is to the corp who is waiting for to kill you with some recon’s etc 🙂

  7. So… What happens when, after I’ve found the can… I say I have no interest in actually claiming the prize so much as putting a bubble up on it and blowing up people who come to claim the can?

    Sounds like some glorious tears hunting to be had…

  8. Smarnca says:

    Found one! But there was no prize in it =)

  9. Bede says:

    wait whut? are pirates dropping fake prize cans in wh space as we speak

  10. robbie says:

    i found a bm in J212203 with the designation “Actor Charlie Echo”
    my toons name is forsot

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