Vital Core Reservoir Ladar Sites

Vital Core sites are some of the harder Ladar sites in WH space. Each one can spawn up to 2x Advanced Sleeper BS’s which will web and scram. If you have not read Islands among the Stars: A Guide to Everything Wormhole, please do so. It has invaluable information on WH tactics and types of WH sites.

My WH partners and I gathered our PvE ships and decided to take on the harder Ladar sites in order to get at the higher end gas. Our fleet consisted of BS’s with a logistical Dominix fitted with Large Remote Armor Repair System I‘s and Heavy Armor Maintenance Bot I‘s.

Sleeper Damage on my Dominix with 78/71/70/58 resists.

[ 2009.10.25 19:14:07 ] Sleepless Sentinel places an excellent hit on you, inflicting 1349.9 damage.
[ 2009.10.25 19:33:11 ] Sleepless Sentinel places an excellent hit on you, inflicting 222.7 damage.
[ 2009.10.25 19:33:31 ] Phantasmata Missile belonging to Sleepless Sentinel hits you, doing 1367.5 damage.

3x 350mm Railgun I‘s with Antimatter Charge L‘s on the Sleeper BS shields:

[ 2009.10.25 19:27:59 ] Your group of 350mm Railgun I is well aimed at Sleepless Sentinel, inflicting 107.2 damage.

Large Railguns on the Sleeper BS hull:

[ 2009.10.25 19:37:09 ] Your group of 350mm Railgun I is well aimed at Sleepless Sentinel, inflicting 542.8 damage.
[ 2009.10.25 19:37:14 ] Your group of 350mm Railgun I is well aimed at Sleepless Sentinel, inflicting 503.8 damage.

Our fleet performed rather well. As the Sleeper BS’s switched primary targets, we switched our reps. No ship got deep into armor and we successfully unlocked the 2x Ladar sites.

A few of my WH mates spent the ISK and got the Gas Cloud Harvesting skill book for around 21 M each. The skill is a 1x skill so getting it up to IV only took us around 36 hours. For each level, you can use 1 Gas Cloud Harvester I (10 m3 / cycle) and at V, you can use the Tech 2 version, which has double the mining amount (20 m3 / cycle).

The 2x Vital Core Reservoir sites each have 500 C540 and 6,000 C320 sized clouds. Using Jita averages, one C540 cloud would net around 30.75 M and the C320 around 473.3 M. In total, the two Ladar sites came out to around 1.008 B worth of gas.

Gas Harvesting

Gas Harvesting

With our Orca boost, our cycle times went down to 23.6 seconds from 30 seconds. Overall it took 12x Gas Cloud Harvester I‘s around 5-6 hours to clear both sites. I’ve got my alt set on getting the skill up to V so he can use Tech2 harvesters which should drastically cut the time down as the yield per cycle will be doubled.

Some harvesting tips:

  1. Gas Cloud Harvester modules take up a turret high slot.
  2. I have found that a Cruiser or higher hull will have enough power to use 4x Tech1 units.
  3. Gas takes up space. Our two Ladar sites totaled to 70,000 m3.
  4. Check the price of the gas cloud in the Ladar site before you start to harvest. It seems that only C320 and C540 are worth your time.

5 Comments on “Vital Core Reservoir Ladar Sites”

  1. I very very highly recommending spending the 4/5 days it takes to get to gas mining 5. when you use the tech II harvesters you will literally more than double your intake over useing 4 tech-1 harvesters – when I was wormholing we did it in ferox’s or myrmidons.

  2. Tyrion Moath says:

    As a heads up in case you haven’t noticed, the cycle on a tech two gas harvester is 10 seconds longer, making it 33% better per laser. So, you’re getting 133% the yield from the original 4 lasers, and adding an extra laser makes the total benefit to actually 87.5% if my math is right.

    4 lasers every two minutes = 160m3
    5 (t2)lasers every two minutes = 300m3

    300/160 = 1.875 -> 87.5% improvement.

    Still worth it! Especially since the benefits of learning extra ranks of gas harvesting drop every level from 1-4 (100%, 50%, 33% more yield).

  3. Nchek says:

    Gas Harvesting V is definitely worth it. I also trained up to fly a Hurricane it can handle the 5 harvesters with 3 slots to spare. It also has 6 low slots which make for a generous 2K cargo hold when you use expanders.

    Safe flying,
    Nchek Maroot

  4. haav0c says:

    my dps was so hirrible you put me down as a logistics domi? brb, training some combat skills T.T
    i should probably put some guns on the domi too.

  5. haav0c says:

    also, a thorax has enough turret slots to fit 5 gas harvester IIs and can be fitted for 795 m3 cargo. saved my butt one time when i was gas mining and some dudes mining ark in a diffrent site got omfgpwned.

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