1.22 B Jita Gank

A week’s worth of WH mining exploded outside 4-4 in Jita last week under the guns of a ganking Hyperion.

ISK Dropped: 1.137 B
Hauler ISK Value: 83.8 M

Killmail (Battleclinic.com)

A recent Eve forum post got me thinking about better hauling tactics and how to deal with passive cargo scanning gank ships. From now on, I am not going to haul anything more than 400-500 M in one trip and I will load up the minerals in Giant Secure Containers.

What are some of your hauling tactics?

12 Comments on “1.22 B Jita Gank”

  1. Jaggins says:

    How much could you haul in a blockade runner. That would be pretty safe cloaked…

  2. Squizz Caphinator says:

    Battleclinic fail. Those of us who don’t want to create a login on BattleClinic can’t view this killmail.

  3. Spectre says:

    I generally don’t haul anything worth ganking although I did use a cloaky Cov Ops when I bought my slaves/hardwirings using an alt when I bought them. I was worried that someone would try to gank an indy or regular frig that was flying around with 400 mil worth of implants in its holds.

  4. I was under the impression that cargo scanners can see into GSC’s…. I may be wrong…

  5. MarvoDaMighty says:

    So this was a Grief Gank?

    Can;t wait till the insurance Nerf for that finally comes to pass. It would make it less profitable and more of a risk. it needs some balancing, not elimination. if you are hauling stuff get some nanos in there
    and get aligned and moving. I see pilots just Drift out of Jita 4-4 with billions in thier Figate holds. And Here I am a Carebear looking at them and my Shiny NH and my M8s with me , LOCK Scram Neut and Launch all Grouped and I’d lose a NH but could gain quite a bit of nice loot

    I even locked on once
    and the fool just drifted by, most likely AFK . but next thing I know they align and warp and get to the same gate I am at …..you guessed it 15k AP , Friggin’ AP with all those prints in his hold .

    /me facepalms……

  6. You deserved it.

    I’m sorry, but I’ve told other people the same thing: transporting hundreds of millions / billions worth of ISK in a ship that costs less than one battleship rat in the worst parts of 0.0 space is the height of foolishness.

    Get a Deep Space Transport: they are ten times more durable. Better yet, get an Orca; they tank like a battleship. Even a freighter. Although none of them are completely safe from dedicated group suicide attack, the effort is a lot harder and solo opportunistic gankers will not get you.

    If you don’t have the skills, then don’t move so much stuff until you do! No excuse.

  7. Cyberin says:

    The GSC container is pointless…cargo scanners see through them.

  8. second the comment that transporting 1.2bn worth of goods in a t1 hauler is not a good idea

    get a transport ship, tank it to hell and your problem is solved for mid-value hauls
    For REALLY valuable cargo, orca/freighter is a must

  9. Ouch. Ah well time to go earn billions in WH’s again…

  10. haav0c says:

    yes, we deserved it. that doesn’t mean i cant complain about it >.>
    rest assured, the party responsible has been severely punished.
    we laughed at him a bit. and then cursed a bit. and then made him start training for blockade runners immediately.

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