Calling in for Corp Help

My WH partner and I called in mining support from our corpmates as there was just too much ore for our 3x Hulks to handle in our new home system. 6x Hulks worked on two Exceptional Core Deposit this weekend and mined the following:
  • Arkonor 10,500 units = 82.95 M ISK
  • Bistot 116,230 units = 581.150 M ISK
  • Crokite 278,750 units = 1.338 B ISK

This totals around 7 M M3 of minerals that need to be refined. We had to put up 5 Corporate Hangars to hold all of our ore!

5x Hangars

5x Hangars

 Right now each member is looking at around 400 M ISK each and we haven’t even touched the following sites:

  1. 3x Ordinary Perimeter Deposit
  2. Unexceptional Frontier Deposit
  3. Average Frontier Deposit
  4. Rarified Core Deposit

5 Comments on “Calling in for Corp Help”

  1. Deafplasma says:

    Sounds like you need someone with a Rorq to help – get in there, compress the ore, making it easier to get back to high-sec to refine. This is obv providing the wormholes into your system have enough mass capacity to get a capital ORE ship in.

    I’d love to help but don’t have a Rorq.


  2. Blake says:

    That’s the plan. We are about a week away from having a Rorqual in WH space.

  3. Jaggins says:

    Wow, that is some serious grav action! Hope you get the minerals safely sold.

  4. jamenta says:

    Don’t spend it all at once now, ya here?

  5. Nchek says:

    You might want to think about an X-Large Ship Assembly Array instead of multiple corp. hangers. The power grid requirements would be less while the CPU would be a little more then 5 corp. hangers. But for that you get 18.5 Mil M3 of storage as apposed to the 7 Mil M3. Plus you have the ability to build some ships in the WH instead of trying to find a way to get them into the WH.

    Fly safe,
    Nchek Maroot

    PS: I just found your blog and I’m enjoying it. Maybe we will run into each other in WS.

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