HAC Price Volatility

Lockefox got me thinking about my instincts for trading HACs a few days ago. I have always felt the Ishtar’s price to be historically less volatile than then Zealot so I went out to run the numbers and prove my theory.


Annualized Volatility


P = time period


The numbers show that I was correct. If you want something stable to trade, go with the Vagabond. Higher risk items include the Ishtar and Zealot hulls.


Here is a snapshot of the historical buy prices for reference.


One Comment on “HAC Price Volatility”

  1. […] comments. I actually spent some time recently to figure out how to calculate item volatility here https://k162space.com/2013/08/20/hac-price-volatility/. I’m working out how to pull numbers for all my data for a new post […]

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