100M Skill Points

My main has passed the 100M skill point mark, greatly validating my bitter vet status.


I have also almost achieved some nice V’s over the past few years.

Gallente Carrier V
Fighters V
Sentry Drone Interfacing V
Heavy Drone Operation V
Logistics V
Heavy Assault Cruisers V





What’s the next bitter vet milestone? 150 M skill points?

6 Comments on “100M Skill Points”

  1. rixxjavixi says:

    I am getting very, very close to this one myself. But I don’t anticipate ever passing into “bitter vet”.

  2. MoxNix says:

    “What’s the next bitter vet milestone?”

    Astronautic Engineering V of course!

  3. spectre23 says:

    You have about the same SP in drones that I have total. Tehehe

  4. I prefer to think of myself as well hopped rather than bitter. 8p

  5. evehermit says:

    Congrats on that milestone – although you don’t need to consider yourself a bitter vet. There are 73,000 api monitored characters on eveboard.com, where you would rank around 6,059th in SP. Not to put a dampener on it – 100M SP is impressive. There are just a whole heap of very nerdish and persistent EVE space ship pilots out there…

  6. bede says:

    No golem for you 😛

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