Trading Performance: Ammo


I’ve stated in a few monthly or end of year reports that I’ve had limited success with ammo. I made some database queries and went over my historical trading data to evaluate ammo trading performance.

Market Group Stats

45.481 M units sold, profit of 2.382 B, and average profit/unit of 16,556 ISK.


From this analysis you can see that working with Faction ammo and certain Tech 2 ammo types are the most profitable. I’ve highlighted the ones that I would continue to work in a blueish shade.


2 Comments on “Trading Performance: Ammo”

  1. I don’t know how wide your net is cast for these numbers, or if this is just pure buy/sell trade info, but I have had extremely good luck with high-damage-short-range ammos of all sizes. As a means to utilize a 3rd character slot instead of leaving that space fallow, it’s been a tremendous boon in my production scheme.

    Not worth doing on main characters, the profit margin is on the lower end comparatively. But if you are looking for something low-effort in the T2 realm, there are a lot of great options in ammo.

  2. […] 2 BPO value over time for ammunition as I have seen similar volatility with sales as noted in my Trading Performance: Ammo […]

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