Trading Performance: Ammo


I’ve stated in a few monthly or end of year reports that I’ve had limited success with ammo. I made some database queries and went over my historical trading data to evaluate ammo trading performance.

Market Group Stats

45.481 M units sold, profit of 2.382 B, and average profit/unit of 16,556 ISK.


From this analysis you can see that working with Faction ammo and certain Tech 2 ammo types are the most profitable. I’ve highlighted the ones that I would continue to work in a blueish shade.


Faction/Deadspace/Officer Market Opening Prices

The Inferno market is open and with it comes the addition of Faction/Deadspace/Officer items. I expect module prices to mimic Faction ship prices and slowly go down as more traders enter the market and the 0.01 war begins.

Here are some early predictions.

CN Invuls will go down in price due to competition and the desire for the recently added higher Meta Deadspace variants. In January these were trading at 524M.

We’re going to see the sheer scale of some module empires now that we have increased visibility into the market. For example there is a 34.89 B order up @ 66.979 M for Republic Fleet Gyros.

I expect common Faction items like Sisters Expanded Launders to drop in price and then rise as people manipulate this high volume item.

This is a great time to be a trader and I expect the market to reach an initial stable period in a few weeks as existing contracts expire.