Curse you, Captain Market!

Well… we as the WH and nullsec miners of Eve have kinda screwed ourselves over with this. Most nerds players who read this blog probably already know why mega prices are currently in the hypothetical shitter of a race of toilet-people, but for those who enjoy shooting things in their spare time, let me give a general summary. I’m not a marketeer, but I like to think of myself as knowing at least a little.

6 Month Megacyte Prices

Insurance on everything T1 is essentially a cap on how low mineral prices can fall, because once the mineral and manufacturing costs of say, a Drake goes below that threshold, industrialists blow their products up for ISKies. The clever way the eve economy has found around this little cap is an overflow of mega and zyd, via WH space and nullsec.

There are two three types of miners, the risky miner, the safe miner, and the macro miner. The safe miner is content to sit in highsec and mine veldspar all day, safe(mostly) and making reliable ISK. The risky miner goes to WH space or nullsec and mines the best ore. The macro miner sits and mines veld automatically in a way so nerfarious that it’s undetectable by CCP.

In any case, this system used to work because there was not very much ABC avaliable. Miners had two choices, to mine in highsec or join a nullsec alliance that operated deep in nullsec for ABC. Then came Apocrypha, with its WHs. Initially, the combatants of Eve went in and carved a oily swath through the sleeper population, idly noting the presence of ABC roids amist the floating sleeper arms and limbs that they grafted together to make T3 cruisers.

After Mr. Wizz-bang-shooty-fun had essentially reduced the sleeper population into little flying bags of ISK with Hadoken beams, Mr. Industrialist perked up his ears at the mentions of ABC. And so the miners who were given a choice between working for peanuts and working for nullsec alliances chose….rapture I mean WH mining.

After the first few tentative steps in which the miners learned how not to die, stopped using T2 rigs and faction boosters on their mining vessels, they started mining. Quite a bit. This mining operation reached full swing about the same time Dominion came out, and with it nullsec roids. Not ordinary nullsec roids, however. These roids… were infinite. In all fairness, WH roids are infinite too, if you know how to work it.

So essentially, everyone who was bored with highsec mining(90% of the highsec mining population, excluding macro miners) went to the new nullsec belts or W-space, and about…half of them got shot to hell so quickly and efficiently that they went straight back to highsec. Those who remained, with large piles of the best roids in Eve, quickly turned those into large piles of ISK, so quickly that they were having to import Tritanium from highsec to build stuff, which was viable because they could spend an hour mining Bistot and buy three hours worth of Tritanium.

Unfortunatley, the WH miners, being unable to focus on making ships because of lack of stations, safety, ectera, couldn’t make ships, so they carted their mega and zydrine to Jita and sold it, possibly more than the market could handle, at about the same time that tritanium was being bought in droves by the nullsecers. All of this has shifted the balance of nullsec/highsec ores towards tritanium, increasing it’s worth until enough people say “f- it” to null and WH mining to increase the rarity of mega and zydrine so the price goes back up so people go back into WHs and nullsec so the price goes back down so….

ect, ect, ect.

So, who here that mines in null or WH is gonna wuss out first? ABC prices have dropped to about 60% of what they were last summer, and the price is gonna keep goin down. Or it won’t. Or maybe it will. Who knows?

6 Month Zydrine Prices

All I know is, I’m not moving from W-space. They’re no rats here, no can flippers, and the roids don’t explode after two or three cycles. You control who can come in and out of your WH, to a degree, and wardecs mean nothing. My corp’s in a wardec atm, and we’re still mining away juuust fine, w/ rorqual support even. It’s everything nullsec, but without a cap fleet breathing down your neck.

6 Comments on “Curse you, Captain Market!”

  1. Sheial Tarlien says:

    After discussing this topic with you, I looked around in the backyard regarding miner activity post dominion. I’m still of the opinion that there is more room for abc yield minerals to fall.

    While the intensification of wh settlement is a logical culprit for downward shift of high end mineral prices in recent months, I believe additional forces in the form of dominion sov upgrades will be applying added pressure to the mineral market in the near future.

    As it stands presently, most 0.0 holding alliances possess many outposts beyond what they can reasonably develop from a industrial perspective. Granted many outpost serves primarily a strategic role, the fact remains a great many outposts are simply empty cities burning cash for their owners. This condition set a stage for 0.0 sov holders to seek out new tenants to operate out of currently vacant systems, which will of course translate to more industrialists of all colors moving into 0.0 space to reap the new benefits brought on by dominion.

    With that said, mineral prices have been in a state of deflation for many years, much like pretty much everything else in existence (except t2 ships thx to blueprint rebalance). Feeling these economic changes just means your aging in eve =P

  2. kyvon says:

    I left the WH with Dominion changes. I’d rather have a cap fleet looming in the distance than a random HAC gang cruising WHs and jumping you with a 50 second warning. the new 0.0 belts are the same as WH belts except they have local (warning time) and if youre in an alliance, even more warning time when enemies are a few jumps out usually

  3. anon says:

    As Sheial said, I see the increase of some minerals volume more related to the new sov system than to WH. WH have been there for a nearly a year, and logistics can be one problem to do what you describe in such a mass scale.

    Now you’re forced to mine to upgrade the system to the next Sov. level, which has increased mining specially these months after Dominion deployment.

  4. manasi says:

    We in CEPTA have made money on Dominion. We have a great many upgrades in place.

    Our system is Fully developed with very high index’s all around. Our miners are happy, safe, and productive. We get ABC roids every day.

    WH space is boring TBH. When Dominion first came out I was one of the first guys to get out there and discover WH we could explore. I still do not understand the fascination of WH space, but at least you explain it fairly well.

    The increase of the minerals High end market ( I am sure has kept prices low ) but remember that people need all the minerals to build something. We seriously looked at IMPORTING trit and Pyerite as you cloud not mine it fast enough. SO I think there will be a balance point somewhere

    Very interesting post.

  5. Chris says:

    the sov changes did it hands down, and i agree about the lowsec ores last night i was sitting next to 2 bistot rocks yet was sucking plagio for lowend minerals LOL, caus ei need to build my self a hurricane lol…


    They made an arbitrary change “increase ABC availability” theirby artificially inflating availability and supply, but they didnt do the counter to this by at the same time increasing demand via tweaks to the blueprint demands for highends…


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