February Failmails

I spend a lot of time reviewing killmails so here are some choice fails.

  1. 52.8 B Officer/T2 Erebus (Gallente Titan) link
  2. 155.3 B lowsec Obelisk (Gallente Freighter) link
  3. 2.4 M damage Power Diagnostic System II fitted Thanatos (Gallente Carrier) link
  4. Two SOLODRAKBANSOLODRAKBANSO Anshar’s (Gallente Jump Freighter) killed by their own Alliance’s POS 3.8 B link and 4.4 B link
  5. 7x Warp Core fitted Dominix killed in lowsec link
  6. Heavy Pulse Laser II fitted Dominix link
  7. Phoenix (Caldari Dreadnought) taken out by a POS link
  8. Mixed fit Dominix link
  9. NPC killed Thanatos (Gallente Carrier) link
  10. 3.0 B Charon (Caldari Freighter) link

3 Comments on “February Failmails”

  1. Sheial Tarlien says:

    G0dfathers titan loss was a classic example of supercap pilots deciding to make hops without proper support, quite a shame.

    Regarding #6:
    Actually its a pretty sweet fit. If you do the math Med.Pulse Domi performs superior to Large.Blaster Domi against all sub BC targets. Even when considering BC and BS targets, Med Pulse offers superior threat range.

  2. Sheial Tarlien says:

    would also like to submit this for consideration


  3. Sheial’s should definitely be added, that’s classic, and perfect corp name as well.

    I also agree w/#6 being a deceptively good fit, especially since the domi is dual injected and so is most likely not hurting for cap, the Pulse perform better than similar blasters would at a better range, especially when DPS comes from Drones.

    #9 looks like it was killed in a POS fight?

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