I hate lowsec

I wouldn’t call myself a carebear. I live in W-Space, have tried null, tend to take the risky shot over the safe one and usually end up killed for it. Repeatedly.

Anyway, here’s today’s misadventure:
I’m scanning, after the fifth C5 wh, which has a probable C5 static, It’s about 2 am. I plan to go to bed immediately if not sooner, so I launch five probes at 4 AU and two at two AU, overlapping the two twos and a four with the remaining four fours (Say that five times fast). I go round the system, scanning at each planet. Whenever I get a red dot or circle at 10% strength or more, I center the two 2 AU probes on top and rescan, which usually gives me the type, ranging from Ladar(damnit), Radar(argh), Magnetometric(curses!) and Unknown(Yay!).

Anyway, I find a WH on the first sweep and warp to it, K162 from XXdeathXX space, making this our seventh encounter with the Russian kind and our third with XXdeath in particular. The silver lining to this particular vodka-fueled cloud of cryillic-spewing death was that the WH was end of lifetime. Good thing about the end of lifetime, but that usually means that they’ve been here and activated the static some point in the last 24 hours, which will make any route I scan through this system unstable closing-time wise.

More scanning, I find the C5 static and decide to stay in system to check the last planet, partially for a sense of completion and partially because the XXdeath WH had had its stability disrupted a tad, meaning that it had been used rather heavily. Lo and behold, highsec WH.

Inwardly cheering, I grab a skillbook or two, log my freighter alt in and scurry home, updating my alt’s train queues (logistical domi FTW). I then, using the passive income profits, buy about…450 mil worth, which gets me two fitted gang domis, two fitted gang myrms and a dps apocalypse.

(You can’t tell, but I was using the word “DPS ironically, since as of this writing I just barely break 300 dps with a gank-fit apoch. I need to git me sum supportin skills!).

Anyway, three A.M. now, I shove all 300.3k m3 into the freighter, set destination to the highsec system, undock, stop ship, warp to the first gate and start cursing like I’ve walked into a door while simultaniously developing Tourette’s syndrome.
This highsec WH is on a highsec island, making it impossible to get to without going through three lowsec systems and all the pirates contained wherein. And I have to get a freighter, one of the biggest, slowest ships in Eve through, or wait the 4-5 days it will take to find a BS-supporting unoccupied route again. Feeling the pangs of sleep, I go to bed with an alarm set for just after downtime, five hours from now and set the freighter to autopilot to the last highsec system.
Dreamless night, wake up, get my main outside the WH at the first lowsec, freighter jumps in, starts warping to the next lowsec gate, main char(in Buzzard) get in web range, webs, warning pops up, I ignore it, and my Buzzard starts taking gate fire as the freighter warps off.
Apparently, I had forgotten that the freighter alt was in the altcorp I had created to protect my C1 and/or hauling shenanigans from wardecs, so, panicking, I mash the “warp” button on whatever I have selected at the time, which turns out to be the next gate.
Next local has a dude in it, I warp the freighter off the gate, unassisted, lands on next gate and jumps through without incident, main char docks and buys a frig w/ webs, and after the 15 minute jerk timer, I dock the freighter in one station, undock in pod, dock in another to get an actual SHIP, undock, jettison the tritanium gratuity gift, main steals it, freighter steals it back and BAM, I can web through the last lowsec. Which I do.

Dock in highsec island, move one Dominix through before realizing that three out of the five wormholes in the chain have gone end of lifetime, and if they collapse either my freighter will be stuck on the wrong side of several lowsec gates from jita or my main, albeit buzzard-less, will be stuck far, far away from where I need his talents. I move one more ship, web the freighter through the lowsecs again and nip back home before the WH closes, which it does, fifteen minutes later.

5 Comments on “I hate lowsec”

  1. Rettic says:

    “I’m scanning, after the fifth C5 wh, which has a probable C5 static, It’s about 2 am. I plan to go to bed immediately if not sooner, so I launch five probes at 4 AU and two at two AU, overlapping the two twos and a four with the remaining four fours (Say that five times fast). I go round the system, scanning at each planet.”

    I’m intrigued. Any way you can point me to a guide illustrating this technique, or post a drawing yourself? I’ve definitely heard of scanning at smaller ranges around planets, but it’s the 2’s and 4’s you mention and how exactly you overlap them that i’d love to see.

    I’m still starting with 1 probe at 32, and working my way down. I can do it quickly, but it still takes a little while before I know what kind of site it is.

  2. Carebear says:

    Came expecting freighter loss in low sec left disappointed 😦

  3. Reminds me of my trip through XXdeathXX space in a 800+ mISK faction fitted Hulk after a fail-cascade broke a critical connector. I still have no idea how I escaped 2 bubble camps in my Hulk, but I will say combination of luck on my warp-in angles at the gate + Low Friction Nozzle Joints and Inertia Stabilizers FTW. Though of course, none of this applies to a freighter. When I move my freighter I usually have two web toons on it.. such is life.

  4. raath says:

    Rettic : get your astometrics to lvl 3 at least so you can use 6 probes, but better to have 4 so you can use 7.

    Drop 6 or 7 probes. Disable the 1st 2 or 3 probes and set the 4 remaining to 4AU.
    Using the X and Z axis arows (Up, down, left, right as viewed from above) move the 4 anabled probes outwards so they overlap in the middle where the other 3 probes are.

    Re-enable the other probes. If you’ve got 2 then set them to both 2AU and seperate them by moving one up and the other down. If you have a 7th probe set that to 1AU in the space between the 2 2AU probes.

    Starting at the outermost or innermost planet shift + drag the whole structure from planet to planet until you’ve tracked down all the sigs. You won’t need to move any probes in the configuration to find a WH. You’ll also never need to go above 8AUs to track a sig.

    All sigs appear within 4AUs of a planet so keep this in mind when scanning.

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