Crazy Genius!

is what I’d like to refer to myself to as, but with my current self-esteem issues the closest I can get is “Lucky Idiot” in that most of my incredibly stupid ideas work out in an awesome way. I think this is the result of my analytical mind complimented with Attention Deficit Disorder, so I think of crazy ideas, then make them plausable, then convey them in a humorous enough way that everyone is attracted enough to actually think about it and maybe do it, see my afterburner/orca and ECM hulk ideas.

Alright, the ECM hulk didn’t work out very well, but my idea to fit low-friction nozzles to help us run away faster instead of cargo optimizers was a great idea and now everyone in our WH has them >.>

My point is, most of these ideas are gems while a goodly percent turn out to be ridiculous. With that in mind, here is my latest silly idea:

Because all the gankers in hulkageddon need minerals to buy ships to kill us, let’s hold off on selling minerals for a week or two. This may actually help megacyte’s current price.

No, that isn’t actually my idea nor the idea I had in mind. THAT idea is, *drumroll*, Static WH mining.

People will say that WH space is completely random and silly, and use the analogy that K-space is an empty glass and WH space is a pile of BBs you just poured into the glass. And you enjoy shaking the glass every 24 hours and listening to the people living in the BBs curse.
Anyway, that’s not necessarily true. WH space is really like a three dimensional series of orbiting spheres interlocking, rotating at different speeds, which, if someone ever actually mapped that thing, would look insanely beautiful and would probably help a lot of WH miners and such.
Oh look, there goes my brain, feeling euphoric at the possibility of learning how to program something like that.
Anyway, what that analogy was talking about is that some/all WHs have static links, I.E. whenever you scan, you are guaranteed to find a WH leading to that type of exit. If the WH leading to that type closes through whatever means, a new link will be established to another WH of that type.

Another bit you need to understand is site despawning. Once you completely shoot/mine/explore the crap out of any specific site, it vanishes next downtime. As you do whatever to more and more sites in one specific WH, the sites spawn slower and slower until you’re stuck sitting there watching Stargate SG-1 reruns until a new grav spawns in a week or so.

Anyway, here’s my idea: Since we’re currently in a C5 with a static C6, why not mine the gravs in the static? That way, we’ll never run outta sites and have nigh infinite ore available. Here’s how I think this will play out:
We find a C6.
We move an orca and a few BSs into the WH, the Orca sets up a PoS with some guns while the BSs open a grav site.
The BS pilots go back to the pos in the C5 and get hulks(or Covetors) and mine in the C6, while the orca pickups and drops the ore in the small pos corp hangar, and once the op is done, the miners use T1 industrials to haul the ore out through the WH to preserve the integrity.
The orca has scan ships and/or a probe launcher fitted in case of the second worst case scenario or less:
Worst case scenario: we lose 6 Covetors and a fully insured Orca. Losses: not very much.
Second worst case scenario: we lose the mining ships and the orca gets locked down in the small pos, attackers wait it out and close the link to the C6 from the C5.
Counter: the orca warps to a safespot and cloaks/and or logoffskis. Logon/decloak later and scan an exit.
Note that this has to be done AS the hulks are being destroyed >.>

Stupid idea? Really stupid idea? Stopped reading halfway through because of the stupidity? Genius idea? Already thinking of ways to counter it? Tell me!

P.S. Orca with a scan ship fitted to it… hehe… that gave me an image of an Orca with a buzzard welded to the side…

Edit: corp mate gave me the idea of using a BC for boosting in hostile WHs, eliminating the need for a PoS and reducing losses, if an itty V, myrm and 6 covetors are use for mining, to…lessie…
6 covetors: 10 mil to fully insure
1 myrmadon: 30 mil.
1 rigged itty V: 30 mil
so 120 mil if we get completely screwed, compared to
6 hulks: 1.2 bil
rigged orca: 400 mil
so 120 mil minimum risk for obscene profits.

See how the other side lives

WH mining is, in itself, risky, stupid, and profitable. Haul a pos in, get a refining array/rorqual up n running, clear the sleepers out of a belt n sit there for a few days with one finger on the drag ore to can button, one finger on the directional scanner, one finger on the coffee maker and one hand on a clean pair of shorts for when someone shows up with murdering miners on the mind.

Recently, our Rorqual/carrier pilot left us for greener less miney pastures. I didn’t ask directly, but he said something about lowsec pvping. Best regards to him, let’s hope he doesn’t get roflpwned by a DD, but knowing him he’d probably blow up his carrier before the DD could fire.

Five minutes of MS paint.

Anyway, thankfully the rorq pilot didn’t take the rorq with him, but the only other person currently in the WH can only compress ABC and is working on his leadership skills ATM. So, once we finish the ABC in the belts we have to either open up another grav site or mine lowsec ores at a 75% reduction in refine profit.

In light of this, I’ve started training a mission alt on my alt account and a salvage alt on my main account. This is mainly because:

A: I figured that a salvage boat would take much less time than a BS missioner to train,and I wanted to detract as little time as possible from my glorious main account.

B: My alt account just finished training for the Orca, so I don’t know what to do next w/ her.

C: IMO, l4 mission running is much more profitable than 75% refine of lowsec ores.

D: I’ve always wanted to explore the flip side of Eve to mining, i.e. shooting stuff.

E: Inevidably, the ABC runs out when I’m alone online, and since I lost my Domi recently, I cant unlock a new site.

Anyway, the training is going well, my main account is in a rigged catalyst with all skills moderatley trained, and my alt account already had a character w/ caldari cruiser IV trained.

Funnily enough, I accidentally left the alt in the last WH we were in, months ago. Renamed the drake “Free drake” and podded her back to empire. Yes, several of my corp mates have told me that I should have self-destructed for the insurance, but I didn’t know insurance worked that way.

Anyway, training is going well, once we run out of grav sites I’ll start running some missions and work my way slowly up to level 4 missions and possible large piles of isk. Anyway, I’ve run into a dilemma.

My main flies Gallente, and my drone skills are improved to the point that my drones are like little whirling balls of death. This is great for missioning, and since unlike sleepers, redular mission fodders never change the target or start shooting drones or some annoying thing like that, it seems great.

On the flip side, the Caldari have… well… tiny drones and missiles. I made the alt origionally because I was sick of three button combat (Drones Engage, Drones Orbit, Drones return to drone bay) and wanted to try missile combat (Target dude, F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7, target new dude). So far, flying a caracal is proving fun.

So what I’m saying here is, I’m torn between simple drone fighting while I soley operate the salvager, or Raven Hot-damn-missiles-are-awesome boom boom boom.

So, talking to all you mission runners, if I’m running a salvage account at the same time, should I stop training caldari and go gallente, or stick w/ caldari?

September Haul

The last week has not been as productive as the last few weeks. Having 4 out of 6 characters podded back to Empire, and the destruction of our Orca, has caused major setbacks.

Today a C5 (us) -> C5 -> C4 -> C5 -> Highsec (0.5) route opened up so we took the opportunity to bring our minerlas to Jita. Here’s our haul. We hit a good sized Crokite roid (120K+ units) for a few days, hence a lot of Zydrine.

A weeks worth of refined minerals.

A weeks worth of refined minerals. Estimated Value:

Tritanium: 611,706
Pyerite: 187,266
Nocxium: 9,507,899
Zydrine: 658,035,408
Megacyte: 516,153,896
Morphite: 112,095,000

Total: 1.297 B ISK

Jita buy prices were a little low today. 3,994 ISK for  Megacyte and 1,500 for Zydrine so we decided to stockpile and not sell at this time.

New Life in WH Space

I worked on an Average site last night and cleared 15K Arkonor, 30K Bistot and 20K Crokite. I received the following message from my WH partner this AM.

2009.09.14 08:46
omg blake!!!!  We’re not going anywhere.

Good work last night btw,  Clearing that avg.  Time to get those lasers warmed up good and proper.  We have 2….. yes I said 2 as in two rarefied core deposits.

That means

100K Ark
160K Bistot
160K Crok

At our 75% refined state that’s still just shy of 2 billion isk on those 2 sites.  add onto that what we mined the past couple of days and that’s a hell of a lot of money.


Great Monday morning news as I was expecting to help take down the POS and move to a neighbor WH this morning.

While clearing the Sleep spawns, I almost lost my Dominix today on the first site. With my Dominix Rail/Blaster Setup, I can barely tank 1 Sleeper BS and 2x Sleeper Cruisers. Luckily, my partner had a Remote Hull Repairer on his ship and was keeping me alive.

Here’s a shot me of me dipping into Structure; my heart was beating a little faster at this point.

Clearing a Rarefied Core Deposit in a C5

Clearing a Rarefied Core Deposit in a C5

I did stay alive, but I need to make sure to remember these two tactics: don’t warp to 0 right on top of the Sleeper ships and use Heavy Drones on Sleeper Battleships. Whew, onto the Arkonor, Bistot and Crokite!


What a lonely home over the past week. I only say one Covert Ops on the Directional Scanner the entire time we were in the system. Currently the WH has stopped spawning new sites, so it is time to move.

Anomaly: Magnetar
Class: 5

  • Targeting Range: -41%
  • Turret Tracking Speed: -41%
  • Missile AOE Velocity Multiplier: -41%
  • Drone Velocity: -41%
  • Damage Multiplier: +85%
  • Gravimetric ECM Strength: +85%
  • Ladar ECM Strength: +85%
  • Magnetometric ECM Strength: +85%
  • Radar ECM Strength: +85%
  • Target Painter Effectiveness: +85%
  • Sensor Dampener Range Reduction: +85%
  • Sensor Dampener Scan Resolution Reduction: +85%
  • Tracking Disruptor Tracking Penalty: +85%
  • Tracking Disruptor Optimal Range Reduction: +85%

We focused on the Rarified Core Deposit for around 4 days and generated around 1.491 B worth of profit after the minerals were hauled to Jita.  We are donating 300M to our corporation and splitting 1.19 B so my personal take home is around 595M.


  • 50,000 Arkonor
  • 80,000 Bistot
  • 80,000 Crokite
  • 15,000 Mercoxit
  • 20,000 Spodumain

We did not touch:

  • 200,000 Omber
  • 200,000 Hedbergite

All of our minerals were processed by our Intensive Refining Array which has a refining yield of 75%.  In a few months, we are planning on using a Rorqual to compress all of our Ore and bringing it to empire to refine where we can get a much higher yield.