New Life in WH Space

I worked on an Average site last night and cleared 15K Arkonor, 30K Bistot and 20K Crokite. I received the following message from my WH partner this AM.

2009.09.14 08:46
omg blake!!!!  We’re not going anywhere.

Good work last night btw,  Clearing that avg.  Time to get those lasers warmed up good and proper.  We have 2….. yes I said 2 as in two rarefied core deposits.

That means

100K Ark
160K Bistot
160K Crok

At our 75% refined state that’s still just shy of 2 billion isk on those 2 sites.  add onto that what we mined the past couple of days and that’s a hell of a lot of money.


Great Monday morning news as I was expecting to help take down the POS and move to a neighbor WH this morning.

While clearing the Sleep spawns, I almost lost my Dominix today on the first site. With my Dominix Rail/Blaster Setup, I can barely tank 1 Sleeper BS and 2x Sleeper Cruisers. Luckily, my partner had a Remote Hull Repairer on his ship and was keeping me alive.

Here’s a shot me of me dipping into Structure; my heart was beating a little faster at this point.

Clearing a Rarefied Core Deposit in a C5

Clearing a Rarefied Core Deposit in a C5

I did stay alive, but I need to make sure to remember these two tactics: don’t warp to 0 right on top of the Sleeper ships and use Heavy Drones on Sleeper Battleships. Whew, onto the Arkonor, Bistot and Crokite!

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