Remote Repping

It came time to unlock another Rarefied Core Deposit so my partner and I took the Dominix in with two support cruisers. Both of them had a Remote Armor Repair module and a complement of Armor Repair Drones. The Dominix armor tank never went below 80%. The Sleeper BC’s did change targets 3 times and we had to warp the Cruisers out as they had limited tanks. I also lost 5x Ogre I drones as the sleepers took them out right away.

1x Sleepless Sentinel (BS)
2x Awakened Sentinel (BC)


1x Dominix (BS)
1x Remote Repping Vexor (BC)
1x Remote Repping Hurricane (BC)

Remote Repping the Dominix

One Comment on “Remote Repping”

  1. Hey just a comment, but I suggest you show the full text in RSS feeds instead of having a summary.

    Congrats with the clearing of the site!

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