What a lonely home over the past week. I only say one Covert Ops on the Directional Scanner the entire time we were in the system. Currently the WH has stopped spawning new sites, so it is time to move.

Anomaly: Magnetar
Class: 5

  • Targeting Range: -41%
  • Turret Tracking Speed: -41%
  • Missile AOE Velocity Multiplier: -41%
  • Drone Velocity: -41%
  • Damage Multiplier: +85%
  • Gravimetric ECM Strength: +85%
  • Ladar ECM Strength: +85%
  • Magnetometric ECM Strength: +85%
  • Radar ECM Strength: +85%
  • Target Painter Effectiveness: +85%
  • Sensor Dampener Range Reduction: +85%
  • Sensor Dampener Scan Resolution Reduction: +85%
  • Tracking Disruptor Tracking Penalty: +85%
  • Tracking Disruptor Optimal Range Reduction: +85%

We focused on the Rarified Core Deposit for around 4 days and generated around 1.491 B worth of profit after the minerals were hauled to Jita.  We are donating 300M to our corporation and splitting 1.19 B so my personal take home is around 595M.


  • 50,000 Arkonor
  • 80,000 Bistot
  • 80,000 Crokite
  • 15,000 Mercoxit
  • 20,000 Spodumain

We did not touch:

  • 200,000 Omber
  • 200,000 Hedbergite

All of our minerals were processed by our Intensive Refining Array which has a refining yield of 75%.  In a few months, we are planning on using a Rorqual to compress all of our Ore and bringing it to empire to refine where we can get a much higher yield.

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