Avatar: the movie

Warning: written at 4 am just after finishing the movie. contains unabridged appreciation and a small bit of profanity.

FUCK that was the most bitching movie I’ve ever seen.

Going into the thing, I had no idea of the cast, no idea of who made the thing, no idea about anything. Most of my thoughts going into the movie were related to “aww, it’s in 3D? Is there some sort of non-3D version I could watch?”, mainly because the only 3D movie I had seen was spy kids, and half of that thing was people poking their arms at me and everyone around me gasping.

Thirty seconds into the movie, however, my low expectations were completely obliterated by the sheer beauty on display. Avatar doesn’t use the 3d bits to make peoples arms look cool, it turns the movie into a fucking reality. There have been more movies than I can count that start with the camera going over forests, but this one just looked so… damn beautiful.

This… film was the most involving piece of media I’ve ever seen. The plot is fairly straightforward, and anyone that’s seen the trailers could probably piece it together, but the 3D aspect makes itself known once again with a just plain fuggin beautiful presentations. In the scene that all movies these days seem to have, where something is going horribly, horribly wrong for the main protagonist, I was literally cursing at the screen, and several moments brought me alllllmost to tears.

Not giving away any spoilers that would get a bounty on my chars head, here is a brief plot synopsis based on what I was saying at the time:









that’s not good.

that’s not good either.

phew, this might be good.

this is good.

this could be good or bad.

this is beautiful.

that looks fun.

that guy’s gonna get a spike through his head (spoiler: he didn’t)

ho boy, this is awkward.



fight him!


that looks fun.

yay montage!

that looks dangerous.

boy, this is gonna be awkward later on.

go protagonist, go!


run protagonist, run!

ooo, sexy.

oh, fuck.

oh fuck shit fuck shit fuck shit fuck.


ohhhhhh, fuck shit, fuck.

motivational speech? parently not.

oh fuck… ohhhh, fuck. oh, fuck, this is not good.

oh fuck, run!



run run run!

oh crap!

lol, can’t believe that worked.

wow, can’t believe that didn’t work.

oh, hells yes.

*ominous music*

fight! yarrrr!

oh…this ain’t good.

oh, hell yes!

oh god…

hell yes!

well… that was depressing.

well… that was awesome.

crap, that’s depressing.

fight! fight!

oh crap.

oh thank god, he wasn’t there.

oh crap, he was there.

oh, hell yes!

aww, how sweet

there was no way that wasn’t going to work.

yay, happy!

Anyway, a very emotional movie and more beautiful that any film I’ve ever seen. My recommendation doesn’t mean much, but I do, and the three friends that were with me watching it agreed that if the movie was female, they would probably sleep with it. Ahh, college boys. Again, effing beautiful movie, worth all of the 250 million or whatever it took to produce it, go watch it because in the words of someone I follow “Watch it anyway, because you will never again experience anything like it”.

I see local spiking!

Well, today has been a very, very laggy day. I have been told that there has been massive fighting in nullsec, and according to a brief message that flashed on my screen, gates have been shut down.

I’m kinda wondering if the fighters filled out CCPs new “hugeass bitchin fleet fight” form.

Anyway, since the nullsec before Dominion was like a bucket of squirrels fighting over a bunch of acorns, Dominion seems to have effectively covered the acorns in grease. Lots and lots of lovely fighting, and all the squirrels losing body parts which stimulates the squirrel body part market so the cyborg squirrel manufacturers can sell bionic arms to the squirrels…..

Tortured, yet funny extended metaphor aside, the freighter ganks were interesting, but the amount of sovereignty gain and loss over the last few days, now easily viewed from the yellow sovereignty button, is fairly unnerving:

Hurray for MS paint. Anyway, All this fighting has been expected for a while now, but one thing is for certain: these warring dudes are gonna run outta ships eventually, and then the power shall return to the place it belongs: the miners! muahaha!

In all seriousness, I’m a bit worried that this will only make t2 prices rise, as pvpers are gonna want ships NOW, immediately, before the dreads finish cynoing into their home base. Where Eve goes from here, no-one knows, but following chaos theory I predict AAA and goonswarm wiping each other out, being beaten to pieces by xxdeathxx, who form an alliance with atlas, while a relative unknown manages to establish a nullsec trading post and manages to keep it going by the policy of setting all station campers to red so they can’t use the station and letting everyone else come and sell/buy. And maybe, just maybe, they call the station…Milliways.

Predictions/dreams aside, we had a very, very nice day in the WH and made quite a bit, top of the head calculations gives 230 mil apiece between 6 people(or however much 3.1 mil m3 of bistot goes for nowadays). One of these people is a new member in the corp, new to the WH op, so as is our custom he can’t take from the hangars and has to end and begin every sentence with the word “sir”.

From a personal standpoint, I’m suspicious of every new person regardless of background, and now that I have an orca I’ve moved everything that I consider mine into a GSC, given it an eight-digit password, put it in the secure box of the orca and log off with it at a safespot, with my blockade runner and hulk inside.

I give it… 3-4 weeks before I trust anyone new to the corp, because after 3-4 weeks, the wait has reduced their profit-time ratio to below mining veldspar in an osprey :). This is countered, unfortunately, by making about 100 mil per day in the WH./facepalm

Trust is a very, very good thing to have. I can count the number of people I truly trust in eve on one hand, mainly because I’ve known them for over a year now. It’s my philosophy that if you can’t physically punch someone in the face, then they have no reason to not cheat you in a game about internet spaceships.

P.S. hulks at 175 in Jita, what the hell? Also, I really wish I could write less time-sensitive blogs so that I could stagger them better than three in a day after 5 days of nothing, but life’s an isk spammer. I’ve got 2 more slightly less time sensative posts in drafts, and should be able to get back to a one every 2 day schedule, assuming goonswarm doesn’t dissolve in the next week or two or something amazing like that.

This post written while WH mining, apparently I have a death wish >.<

Deus ex machinomgpwn

It had all happened so fast.

Among the many phrases running through the man’s head at that moment, that one was prevalent. The pieces of the proud Achnavah V floated slowly around him, named for an old friend in old times. It wasn’t the newest ship, wasn’t the cheapest, but it was the best he could find with the money he had, not counting the added cost of removing the pod interface so he could fly the thing. Hell, he had been flying the barge for months and was still afraid to pull or turn one of the many, many levers that surrounded the chair, not after the last one he tried had tried to eject the pod that wasn’t there and almost vented the atmosphere (and him along with it) into a sudden, chilly death. Figuring that terrifying experience proved some god or devil was watchin out for him, he had signed up for this expedition. The poster next to the bar made it sound glamorous, promising food, bed and very nice pay, completely shut off from the outside world. After the first few months, however, the outside world found them again.

A pang of loss ran through him as the rotation that had been spinning him slightly to the left and forward for the last ten minutes turned his visor towards the pile of scrap metal that used to be his ship. It could be worse, he reflected. The other miner could have not pinged his scanner (his own scanner currently required 6 levers to be held down while turning a knob, and after the first week of carefully holding down those and only those levers with his body while turning the knob with his teeth, he had scrapped the whole complicated business, assuming that the other, more expensive ships and people would spot danger much more efficiently), and the few second of cursing with his spacesuit could have been replaced with him cursing without atmosphere at the hull of the nearby battlecruiser class ship burning through his ship. The random lever he had kicked at with his foot while struggling could have been something other than the engine bulkheads, which would have not stopped the explosion from the engine room that would have killed him if he had not pulled the ejection lever after accidentally kicking the bulkhead lever. Yes, he reasoned, as a salvage beam played over his suit and the pile of metal he used to fly, it could certainly be worse.

He was about to start listing the ways his situation could be better when the beams suddenly stopped trying to determine if the metal just below his left knee was worth anything and vanished without a sound. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a beautiful yellow explosion, which was puzzling. What barges that hadn’t gotten away had been destroyed completely ten minutes ago, leaving him the only survivor in the belt which, just a few scant minutes ago, had been happily mining. Well, as happily as you can pull 3 levers for each strip miner every three minutes and seven others once the cargo hold was full, all of which in the most difficult positions to reach.

He REALLY should have tipped that engineer. In hindsight, the man was smirking at him a bit too much as he had left the station.

Wanting to see more of the yellow light, the pilot cursed as he rotated out of view, being treated instead to the ships who had been picking his barge’s corpse a few seconds ago lighting their engines and hightailing it in the direction of the light.  His frustration at this suddenly winked out with nary a farewell as the section of space in front of him shimmered and coalesced into the ship his friend had purchased before joining him on the expedition, citing a small disclaimer on the poster that being able to operate scanning equipment and detect the fluctuation of this hellhole-pocket of space they were in would result in a nice bonus. The ship had been cheap, it’s systems ranging from anywhere from second to fourth hand, and the scan Equipment worked most of the time. In keeping, the cloaking device that the merchant had assured him was straight from the Caldari navy supply store he had given his friend for his last birthday could only work for three minutes at a time.

The ship was ugly.

He was sure that the designer of the Gallente scanner fitted ship had had a glorious dream of a ship with sleek curves, that would be pleasing to the eye while designed to be invisible. He was similarly sure that somewhere along the line an engineer took the glorious, beautiful design and scrapped it due to a drunken bar bet, replacing the blueprints with those of an item generally seen in the hands of exotic dancers on holoreels.

Regardless of how he felt about the ship in general, as the green glow of a tractor beam guided him into the cargo hold and the ship burned space-rubber out of the , he didn’t give a flip what the damn thing looked like.


Written suddenly while wiring the new lights for the kitchen. Not based on actual events, though some have been close. Seriously, the way the helios looks is why I cross-trained my main for caldari frigate, the damn thing looks like some sort of vibrator. In my opinion.


See how the other side lives

WH mining is, in itself, risky, stupid, and profitable. Haul a pos in, get a refining array/rorqual up n running, clear the sleepers out of a belt n sit there for a few days with one finger on the drag ore to can button, one finger on the directional scanner, one finger on the coffee maker and one hand on a clean pair of shorts for when someone shows up with murdering miners on the mind.

Recently, our Rorqual/carrier pilot left us for greener less miney pastures. I didn’t ask directly, but he said something about lowsec pvping. Best regards to him, let’s hope he doesn’t get roflpwned by a DD, but knowing him he’d probably blow up his carrier before the DD could fire.

Five minutes of MS paint.

Anyway, thankfully the rorq pilot didn’t take the rorq with him, but the only other person currently in the WH can only compress ABC and is working on his leadership skills ATM. So, once we finish the ABC in the belts we have to either open up another grav site or mine lowsec ores at a 75% reduction in refine profit.

In light of this, I’ve started training a mission alt on my alt account and a salvage alt on my main account. This is mainly because:

A: I figured that a salvage boat would take much less time than a BS missioner to train,and I wanted to detract as little time as possible from my glorious main account.

B: My alt account just finished training for the Orca, so I don’t know what to do next w/ her.

C: IMO, l4 mission running is much more profitable than 75% refine of lowsec ores.

D: I’ve always wanted to explore the flip side of Eve to mining, i.e. shooting stuff.

E: Inevidably, the ABC runs out when I’m alone online, and since I lost my Domi recently, I cant unlock a new site.

Anyway, the training is going well, my main account is in a rigged catalyst with all skills moderatley trained, and my alt account already had a character w/ caldari cruiser IV trained.

Funnily enough, I accidentally left the alt in the last WH we were in, months ago. Renamed the drake “Free drake” and podded her back to empire. Yes, several of my corp mates have told me that I should have self-destructed for the insurance, but I didn’t know insurance worked that way.

Anyway, training is going well, once we run out of grav sites I’ll start running some missions and work my way slowly up to level 4 missions and possible large piles of isk. Anyway, I’ve run into a dilemma.

My main flies Gallente, and my drone skills are improved to the point that my drones are like little whirling balls of death. This is great for missioning, and since unlike sleepers, redular mission fodders never change the target or start shooting drones or some annoying thing like that, it seems great.

On the flip side, the Caldari have… well… tiny drones and missiles. I made the alt origionally because I was sick of three button combat (Drones Engage, Drones Orbit, Drones return to drone bay) and wanted to try missile combat (Target dude, F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7, target new dude). So far, flying a caracal is proving fun.

So what I’m saying here is, I’m torn between simple drone fighting while I soley operate the salvager, or Raven Hot-damn-missiles-are-awesome boom boom boom.

So, talking to all you mission runners, if I’m running a salvage account at the same time, should I stop training caldari and go gallente, or stick w/ caldari?

New Gaming Rig

I’ve been playing Eve for the past year on a spare laptop and a old desktop rig that has a AGP 8x video card (blerg). The desktop PSU went up in a puff of smoke (literally) so I decided to get a new desktop machine.

Here’s what I got:

  • Intel Core i7-920 processor (8MB L3 Cache 2.66GHz)
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 260
  • Windows 7 Home Premium, 64bit

I’m now able to run 2x Eve clients at 1280×960 in High Detail with Shadows Enabled both holding 60 FPS with the CPU sitting at 19% utilized, amazing. I’ve been doing a lot of station spinning lately! You’ll see a lot of pretty screenshots in my posts from now on.