Avatar: the movie

Warning: written at 4 am just after finishing the movie. contains unabridged appreciation and a small bit of profanity.

FUCK that was the most bitching movie I’ve ever seen.

Going into the thing, I had no idea of the cast, no idea of who made the thing, no idea about anything. Most of my thoughts going into the movie were related to “aww, it’s in 3D? Is there some sort of non-3D version I could watch?”, mainly because the only 3D movie I had seen was spy kids, and half of that thing was people poking their arms at me and everyone around me gasping.

Thirty seconds into the movie, however, my low expectations were completely obliterated by the sheer beauty on display. Avatar doesn’t use the 3d bits to make peoples arms look cool, it turns the movie into a fucking reality. There have been more movies than I can count that start with the camera going over forests, but this one just looked so… damn beautiful.

This… film was the most involving piece of media I’ve ever seen. The plot is fairly straightforward, and anyone that’s seen the trailers could probably piece it together, but the 3D aspect makes itself known once again with a just plain fuggin beautiful presentations. In the scene that all movies these days seem to have, where something is going horribly, horribly wrong for the main protagonist, I was literally cursing at the screen, and several moments brought me alllllmost to tears.

Not giving away any spoilers that would get a bounty on my chars head, here is a brief plot synopsis based on what I was saying at the time:









that’s not good.

that’s not good either.

phew, this might be good.

this is good.

this could be good or bad.

this is beautiful.

that looks fun.

that guy’s gonna get a spike through his head (spoiler: he didn’t)

ho boy, this is awkward.



fight him!


that looks fun.

yay montage!

that looks dangerous.

boy, this is gonna be awkward later on.

go protagonist, go!


run protagonist, run!

ooo, sexy.

oh, fuck.

oh fuck shit fuck shit fuck shit fuck.


ohhhhhh, fuck shit, fuck.

motivational speech? parently not.

oh fuck… ohhhh, fuck. oh, fuck, this is not good.

oh fuck, run!



run run run!

oh crap!

lol, can’t believe that worked.

wow, can’t believe that didn’t work.

oh, hells yes.

*ominous music*

fight! yarrrr!

oh…this ain’t good.

oh, hell yes!

oh god…

hell yes!

well… that was depressing.

well… that was awesome.

crap, that’s depressing.

fight! fight!

oh crap.

oh thank god, he wasn’t there.

oh crap, he was there.

oh, hell yes!

aww, how sweet

there was no way that wasn’t going to work.

yay, happy!

Anyway, a very emotional movie and more beautiful that any film I’ve ever seen. My recommendation doesn’t mean much, but I do, and the three friends that were with me watching it agreed that if the movie was female, they would probably sleep with it. Ahh, college boys. Again, effing beautiful movie, worth all of the 250 million or whatever it took to produce it, go watch it because in the words of someone I follow “Watch it anyway, because you will never again experience anything like it”.

2 Comments on “Avatar: the movie”

  1. I’ve had some dread about this movie by Cameron including 1 or 2 pretty awful critical previews that were pans.

    But apparently Cameron has not delivered a clunker – and once again has made a movie that has received good reviews and is supposedly original.

    I’ll go see it now.

  2. Caels says:

    Sorry for the exceptionally late response, but I was out of the blogging loop through most of the holidays.

    Your synopsis made me laugh so hard it brought tears to my eyes. Even better is that I know exactly what scenes some of those were for. I too saw the movie with no idea of what I was getting into, and in retrospect it was definitely worthwhile. Fantastic movie, despite the overly familiar theme.

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