Recently, a friend of mine linked a chatlog. Apparently, someone had bought a Rorqual without realizing that, being a capital ship, it could not use gates. Subsequently, he lost it on a gate. In the chatlog, he essentially explodes. With rage and idiocy.

Before that, another friend, through a series of coincidences, had all his chars outside his WH when the server crashed. When the server came back up, the WH connecting him to his 3-4 bil in assets was gone, with no way to get back in.

I’ll go ahead and let you imagine his reaction. Short story, a GM let him back in.

As I’ve heard before, Eve is a game of tens. You start out in a rookie ship and 100k isk sounds like shitloads. You get a frig and 10 mil sounds like shitloads. You get a cruiser and 100 mil sounds like shitloads. you get a BS and a bill is a shitloads. You get a carrier and usually by that point you think 500 mil is being poor.

With insurance the way it is, losing a ship isn’t much, and you can usually bounce back with the money. A personal nightmare of mine used to be losing all of my assets at once and finding myself back in a rookie ship with an empty wallet. My personal Eve nightmare has now changed to all of my friends stopping playing and possibly losing everything. And/or getting blamed for a giant corp theft or something.

In any case, if I did find myself in a frigate mining again, I still wouldn’t explode. I have friends now, friends that loaned me startup capital in a heartbeat, so even if I do find myself in a fucking navitas mining fifteen units of veldspar every fucking 60 fucking seconds until I want to hang myself…
Where was I going?

Anyway, in our WH, when we have to close a wormhole, we usually jump a bunch of medium and small sized ships through, jump the Rorq through, move the ships back through and then the Rorq, which so far has only failed few times, but we fixed that. Anyway, this scenario leave us in the situation of having a 1.7 bil ship, alone, on one side of a wormhole that usually, if we’re trying to close it, has several people on the other side that want to kill us.

I can’t accurately portray that risk, so let’s basically call it the equivalent of sticking your todger into a women’s bathroom at the annual switchblade owner convention.

Anyway, I’ve had losses before and they really didn’t bother me. When I lost the large tower to a highsec gank after getting it safely out of a C6, I made a witty comment in local and left. I lost a friend’s domi to a blob, I wished them a nice day. I would go on, but I’d like to hear your stories. What’s the worst loss you’ve had, and have you ever exploded like this idiot?

7 Comments on “omgwtfsplosion”

  1. Sheial Tarlien says:

    better to explode while on the winning side imo

    in thug we trust~

  2. Spectre says:

    That is a fantastic chat log.

    • miningzen says:

      I figured you’d think so πŸ˜›

      And put bluntly, if it took him a year to to buy a rorq and he didn’t know how to tell char age or that it couldn’t use gates…..
      Make me sad to call him a miner.

  3. Much lol @ log.

    Worst loss? Without checking our killboard the first that springs to mind is losing my first Sacrilege not getting off a gate fast enough. My own dumb fault. I hit myself over the head, drew my conclusions from the loss, and didn’t get a new one until I had better skills and understanding of the ship.

  4. vonDuck says:

    This happened recently. We had to have one guy calm down. He lost his new BS because he thought he could handle a Dramiel. The Dramiel webbed and zipped around under his missiles picking him to death. I jumped in with a Catalyst with the objective to distract the Dramiel but he didn’t fall for it. Popped me and carried on.

    Then I wondered whether I could make a delivery in an Iteron to a nullsec station. Never tried that before. Clearly not a master of the cloak yet.

    I sent a mail to both thanking them for the lesson. I learned not only about combat, but that you can run scams with contracts, and when you pay a ransom that in no way means the person will keep their word.

    The first guy didn’t respond. However, the second guy I met in Local chat in high sec later. It was hysterical as I pitted my Navitas against his Vexor. Lots of locking, smack talk, and he provided more suggestions. It was awesome. Even the two-faced, backstabbing, low-life people — are great on EvE!

    So not only did I not explode when I lost my Iteron that I finally got, and my Catalyst that I had proudly outfitted, but I had a great time losing them. πŸ™‚

  5. Anonmyous says:

    Got scammed for a billion for being half asleep and trading X_X really sucked when it happened, was like 4 days of work gone but I kinda look back on it and laugh now. I was going to hire merc’s on the guy that scammed me since it was his main but spending another billion for revenge really just means they won. I moved on and like every other lesson in eve I had to learn the hard way no more logging on at 3 am to trade! It was a clever scam though, much better then the crap in jita and luckily private so my humiliation was kept to myself.

    Whenever you lose something its best to just try to leave a funny comment so even if it does they don’t think it effected you at all like you were rich and 1 billion was pennies. If you rage they will just post it on the forums anyways…

  6. LT says:

    i think i have to comment after the last post there.
    I was in a hurry and needed t1 hauler RIGHT NOW and checked market and bought sigil for whooping 712m as it was the cheapest one in whole region out of all those 200 in there.
    after extensive MMO experience and always more to trade person I’m detecting Jita scams from Hek.

    Lessons learned… late and having 3rd beer = bad thing

    sent the dude a mail congradulating him on the great achievement. and i still proudly have that sigil named “Precious Thing”

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