Journey to 9UY4-H

I believe in Providence’s NRDS policy. I believe that it is a critical training location for new pilots and a location where you can make some of your first steps into nullsec space. After a few months of playing eve, I wanted to get into the nullsec games so I spent some time mining Dark Glitter in Providence. There I learned how to take orders from a FC, watch local, scout, “run the pipe”, etc… …

NRDS Not Red, Don’t Shoot. An engagement policy of corps/alliances where “red” refers to having negative standing, leaving neutrals as “shoot only after being shot at”. More usual in low security space than in 0.0, due to the greater number of genuinely friendly/indifferent neutrals in areas of higher population.

All good learning experiences that helped me grow in my Eve career. I would hate to see CVA loose Providence as it would rob other new players of the same exposure to nullsec.

I didn’t feel like mining last night so I bought some mods in Jita 4-4, hopped on an alt account, and set a course for 9UY4-H, which was recentry taken from CVA by Ushra’Khan.

Leaving empire and entering through KBP7-G I expected resistance or a Heavy Interdictor Bubble on my way to Unity Station, the outpost in UY4-H, but I made my way through alive. When I reached Unity Station, I wasn’t able to dock as my alt is in a NPC Corporation.

Here are some screenshots of the heavily Mobile Warp Disruptor’ed Outpost.

Perhaps someday I will fight the fight in nullsec.

5 Comments on “Journey to 9UY4-H”

  1. manasi says:

    K162…All alliances will teach this not just some guys in NRDS. Any 0.0 alliance will train you how to do the things you mentioned. Provi will fall if -A- wants it to and it should due to stupid moronic decisions by the ‘leaders’ of CVA, I do not say that to be nasty just that providence is not the only area for a new guy to 0.0 space can learn. Some people simply do not learn things except for the ‘hard’ way. The loss of providence does not eliminate the loss of a training ground. Many alliances ( IT, TCF, Razor, Atlas, -A-) all have renters who would love to teach people how to fly in 0.0 , anything that separates the wheat from the chaff is a good thing, this fighting in providence will certainly do just that 🙂

  2. Altaree says:

    Don’t forget The Graduates in Morsus Mihi or OUCH.

  3. CVA space is a terrible place to learn ANYTHING. PvP alliances(like the one I fly with) take/took vacations there because it is seriously the haven of terrible setups, Blobtastic but dumb response, poor FC’s. . . I could go on. CVA is hardly the only place you can go to learn any of that stuff if so inclined especially considering eve-uni, and the above mentioned places. On top of that you add their arrogance, their response to losing, their total lack of a helpful attitude and overall ambivalence unless it directly effects them. I flew in Provi for 8 months as a friendly and hated most of it, especially the FC’s that came from CVA. I am glad to see them suffer hard times, and will be happy when someone else steps in their place, be it UK or SF or an unknown, more than just CVA fly NRDS and I doubt anyone can make it work any better than they can. That is to say hardly at all.

  4. Sheial Tarlien says:

    Here’s some mindless drivel while I’m inbetween classes

    The 9UY fight was week long king of the hill. From a strategic perspective it is a critical junction in provi, but tactically speaking it wasnt the easiest fight to maneuver into. As result standing orders where “bring ships in, fight till you die, titan bridges around the clock to reship”

    Aside from the flood of panicing residence kills, it was a pretty intense scene with very high frequency of engagements with combat ready provi forces.

    Here’s some screens I took during the conclusion of that week.

    Dread Fleet taking back Unity Station

    Getting a boner off of a cyclops while CVA TCU going down

    TCU pops and ends the cta for that day (except station rep crews)

    From AAA perspective retaking of 9UY was to conclude the previous month of active campaigns and to turn to interests elsewhere. However hot potatoes kept getting dropped around provi (sylph sov drop, am sov drop)… Personally I was looking foward to provi reorganizing themselves, but this series of minor fails that followed is really attracting pressure from their now not so friendly neighbors.

  5. hey dude.. great site 😀

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