First Cyno Adventure

Don’t even think about getting into Capital ships until you have Jump Drive Operation to V with the two support skills, Jump Drive Calibration and Jump Fuel Conservation, to at least III if not IV. These are completely necessary skills in order to move a capital around. Jump Drive Calibration is especially important because it grants a 25% increase in maximum jump range per level (!). Additionally, Jump Fuel Conservation reduces fuel consumption by -10% per level.

We got a link to a C5 with a C140 WH (1,350,000,000 kg max jumpable mass) to Babirmoult (0.18) in the Solitude region. I brought out a scout from WH space and watched the only station in the system for an hour as I planned out the jumps for the Carrier and coordinated logistics with my Cyno-capable corpmate. If my Jump Drive Operation support skills were at 0, then it would have taken us 6 jumps. Good thing I spent the time training up the support skills to III.

Only 1 in local in the WH enterance system. I watched as he switched in between a Legion (T3 Cruiser) and a Sacrilege (T2 Heavy Assault Ship). Meanwhile, in the neighboring systems of Faurulle and Agaullores, there was a 25 person lowsec gategamp. Sheesh, well Eve is about adventure, right?

We decided that the timing wasn’t going to get any better so we planned our route.

  1. Lonetrek, Otsasai (0.35) Caldari State
  2. Black Rise, Iwisoda (0.24) Caldari State, Distance: 8.431 ly
  3. Placid, Grispire (0.18) Gallente Federation, Distance: 8.265 ly
  4. Solitude, Babirmoult (0.18) Gallente Federation, Distance: 9.333 ly

I got my scout into the 1st system, Otsasai, and cloaked him up outside the station.

Corpmate with a Cyno cruiser in place in the next system, green light issued for jump, cyno up, WHEEE! *jump*

I laded some 8k off of the Cyno cruiser so I cloaked up. Now comes the fun part where your Cyno ship cannot move for 5 minutes. After the capital ship successfully jumps, you have two options. Wait for the cyno cycle to finish or self-destruct your ship. The first two systems that we had to jump into were practically empty so we waited the full Cyno cycle.

Everything was going great until the last jump into the system with the WH when I got this notification when attempting to jump:

[ 2010.02.13 04:52:58 ] (info) This jump destination requires 7466 unit(s) of Oxygen Isotopes, but you only have 6615 in your cargo hold.

Um, uh oh. I tried to jump again.

[ 2010.02.13 04:53:10 ] (info) This jump destination requires 7466 unit(s) of Oxygen Isotopes, but you only have 6615 in your cargo hold.

Additionally, the WH from our C6 into the connecting C5 was going to close in less than 3 hours.

I guess I didn’t read the Dotlan jump calculations carefully enough. I rushed my scout around and picked up another 2,000 units (300 m3) of Oxygen Isotopes and jetcanned it right next to the Carrier.

The Cyno Cruiser flew past some lowsec gatecamps in neighboring systems and into position. We dropped the last cyno right on top of the WH (less than 5km) so the Carrier could jump in right away.

Local looks good, green light issued for cyno, cyno up, *jump*.

[ 2010.02.13 05:22:38 ] h > lit @ 2.8k


[ 2010.02.13 05:23:01 ] Blake > landed 7k away
[ 2010.02.13 05:23:04 ] Blake > closing range
[ 2010.02.13 05:23:10 ] h > burn fast 😛
[ 2010.02.13 05:23:22 ] Blake > 60 m/s!
[ 2010.02.13 05:23:23 ] Blake > lol
[ 2010.02.13 05:23:26 ] h> XD
[ 2010.02.13 05:23:37 ] Blake > almost there

Overall a success. Now we have some remote repping power in WH space.

Cyno Operation Tips:

  1. After your Cyno module is activated, click it again to stop the cycle. This will ensure that you do not go into another Cyno cycle and become a sitting duck for another 5 minutes.
  2. Scout, scout, scout! Have corp mate(s) or alt(s) scout 1 or 2 systems ahead in your capital ship jump path. You can watch local traffic and really see when you have a good jump window.
  3. Train the Jump Drive Operation support skills up to at least III, if not IV.
  4. Cyno operations can be a blast. How else can you get through 13 systems in 1 jump?
  5. Don’t fly what you cannot afford to loose.
  6. Oh, and as always, check your clones and ship insurance before undocking.

7 Comments on “First Cyno Adventure”

  1. Ended up scouting a wormhole (C5) last night that had an entrance to Delve. I jumped in and scanned down another wormhole, which was a C2. It said the wormhole was nearing the end of its life, however, so I chose to start scanning another exit in the C5. Then a hostile gang was reported nearby and I forgot about the wormhole. One of these days I am going to run into you in those things.

  2. Sheial Tarlien says:

    Just thought i’d drop a few tips on jump ops while ur on the topic:

    – unless friendly pos is available its better to bring cynos up on stations, that way not only do u have some deterent against bored hostiles, ur capitals will also get instant cap recharge when they dock, allowing them to move to the next hop if its available

    – that being said, unless friendly pos is available its almost always better to use a t1 frig to cyno, much less appetizing for the local populace.

    – if no station is available in target system, create a deep safe (300+ au from sun) before popping cyno, any incoming ships curious about the cyno will have to warp a hell of a long time before reaching you, allowing u to easily pick em up on dscan

    – if force recon is poping cyno on a friendly pos you can bring up the cyno and have ur recon land inside the pos shields, this way your not risking a 150mil t2 cruiser for any reason

    1. place recon 3-4km out of forcefield
    2. align into the pos, move below 500m/s (max speed at which cyno can activate)
    3. activate cyno, recon will slide into the pos shield as it decelerate and u’ll be safe

    anyway hope this is useful, enjoy your thanny

    • Info-hobo says:

      Just for your information, getting inside posshields while you have an active cyno up is considered and exploit and CCP will ban you if you get reported, so don’t do it if you like your char 😉

      So even if you have a pos, if there is a station in system always do the cyno at the station in a cheap t1 frig. if there is no station in system avoid that system and if you can’t avoid just make the cyno and warp away to a safespot with the carrier as fast as you can. Cynoship in this case will most probably die. Again … use a t1 frig :P.

  3. the “trick” to get your cynoing ship inside the shield is classified as an exploit and will be treated as such by a GM.

    When reported, at the very least you will be placed back outside the shields, probably get a warning as well.
    GM response time on this is usually pretty quick judging from my personal experience 🙂

    • Endie says:

      Actually, bumping or cyno-sliding your cyno ship inside the shields will not get you punished: we petitioned to check this back in Delve. Low-level GMs may act against policy, of course, but they are always doing dumb stuff and you just have to escalate.

      Sheial is right: the safest thing to do is to cyno onto a station undock. But make sure that your cyno ship is at least 5km off the station’s phsyical model (*not* 5km range from the station!!!) so you don’t cyno on top of it and bump at high speed like your friend did with the asteroid). If this does happen and local is not empty then cloak is nobody is on grid and ctrl-Q otherwise, then use the double-ctrl-Q trick (look it up if you don’t know it) to get a million or two off the station.

      Yes you will lose cyno-kestrels to lowsec gankers but better to lose a few million in a frigate fitted with a single cyno mod and nothing else than lose your carrier. Look on it as insurance that always pays out 100%.

      Also some station-type undocks throw you out outside docking range so be very wary where you cyno into.

      If you absolutely must cyno into a system with no station, get your cyno ship into the system and first make a couple of deep safes. Make sure your cyno alt is fleet commander. When the system is empty, warp to the first safe and cyno in your capital. Now gang-warp to the second safe: your cyno shuip won’t move but the capital will. Cloak up there (always fit a cloak and cap-recharge fit for travel) and wait for your next cyno. Even an inty probably won’t catch you even if he jumps into the system in right as the capital cynos in.

      Your choice to cloak next to your cyno ensures that you will die if someone takes an interest as they will certainly orbit around if they have any sense. If caought like that then instantly ctrl-Q *before you are decloaked* so that your carrier only sits in space for one minute (it will live) rather than 15 after aggro (it will die). And remember that the hostiles will have bookmarked yourspot so don’t log in until (a) 15 minutes have passed to clear aggro) and (b) you have double-ctrl-Qed a couple of times.

      tl;dr always think what could go wrong.

  4. Sheial Tarlien says:


    This is true, well just warp off ur capital and say u got urself bumped in by a friend if someone complains =P

  5. […] Of course a few days after I write this article and bring construction equipment into WH space we get a nice WH link. Details here. […]

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