New Project: Build a Carrier in WH Space

When I started my Eve account, I had dreams of becoming a master builder. Since then I’ve put a lot of industry jobs on hold to go mine in WH space. To some mining is boring. I however, have enjoyed my mining career. I’ve been able to buy some nice toys due to hours of sitting on Arkonor roids including a Freighter, T3 Cruiser, Orca, 2x Hulks, Plexes for a 3rd account, and even a Carrier that is currently sitting in lowsec awaiting a good link to our WH system.

Even though I have concentrated on mining over the past 1.5 years, I have done some building such as T1/T2 drones, T1/T2 Hybrid guns, and basic T1 modules since the BPOs were cheap. Now I’m embarking on a large project – build a Carrier in WH space since I’m becoming impatient waiting for a nice link from lowsec to our WH system and honestly, what is Eve without new challenges?

As many of you know, the majority of Eve projects begin with a spreadsheet to see if your idea is ISK-feasible. So now onto the estimations.

With a ME10, PE1 Thanatos BPC, I will need:

  1. Megacyte 17,941
  2. Zydrine    41,849
  3. Nocxium    232,855
  4. Isogen    823,502
  5. Mexallon 5,287,183
  6. Pyerite    14,128,271
  7. Tritanium 57,790,100

This comes to 784,000 m3 of minerals with Tritanium being the biggest spacehog. Sheesh, that’s two freighters full of minerals!

I scanned a link to highsec via a C2 and assembled my NPC shopping list:

  1. X-Large Ship Assembly Array, 90 M – builds the Carrier
  2. Component Assembly Array, 9 M – builds the Capital Ship parts
  3. Capital Ship Construction Skillbook, 65 M – I allows you to build fighters, III allows you to build Carriers. Only took some 3 hours to train to III with +4’s
  4. Small Ship Assembly Array, 90 M – builds Fighter Drones

Along with the NPC orders, I needed some BPCs so I started searching contracts in Jita.

  1. Capital BPCs purchased in Jita 4-4, each 5 unit run BPC was around 2-6 M for a total of about 180 M
  2. Thanatos BPC ME10 PE1, 70 M
  3. Firbolg BPO ME 20 PE 5, 75 M

Raw mineral cost based on Jita 4-4 buy orders:

  1. Megacyte    44.3 M
  2. Zydrine    56.3 M
  3. Nocxium    20.9 M
  4. Isogen    44.5 M
  5. Mexallon    15.6 M
  6. Pyerite    90.4 M
  7. Tritanium    156.0 M

Total: 428.1 M

A few nights ago we had a route from our WH -> C5 -> C2 (occupied with miners) -> C2 -> Highsec and lowesec exits. My corpmate and I made 2x Iteron V runs to get the X-Large Ship Assembly Array (25,000 m3) and Component Assembly Array (12,500 m3) into our WH system. They are currently anchored and offline (as to not consume fuel) since we are currently gathering minerals.

The biggest hogs are Mexallon @ 53,000 m3, Pyerite @ 142,000 m3, and Tritanium @ 578,000 m3 (!). That’s a LOT of Tritanium. Needless to say, I’ve been working on Veldspar, Plagioclase, and Scordite roids since they have the highest yield of the three minerals. I have the money to buy the Tritanium from Jita, but lack the will to haul it all in. So the more Veldspar I can eat up in WH grav sites, the less I will have to haul.

I’ve just started mining and have one hangar filled with raw ore so stay tuned for more industry adventures!

[Feb 17 Update]

Of course a few days after I write this article and bring construction equipment into WH space we get a nice WH link that is big enough to allow Capitals to enter. Details here.

11 Comments on “New Project: Build a Carrier in WH Space”

  1. Sheial Tarlien says:

    Go with einherji fighters, its superior to all other fighters in every way that matters (speed & tracking) plus hey they look like tricked out tiefighters

    unless of course there is some pve consideration involved /o\

  2. sxygeek says:

    Excelent plan, I’d like to hear how it turns out.
    I’ve been a long time miner in 0.0 but recently the high end mineral crash has realy put a dampener on my spirit for it.
    what kind of yield do you get out of refining out there in your POS, isn’t it 75% at best?

  3. 784,000 m3 can easily be transported within a single freighter cargohold
    good luck with your new capital production adventures

  4. InterDict says:

    Best of luck mate, can’t wait to hear how things pan out. I also wonder if “Somerandomreader” has ever taken a freighter into lowsec let alone finding a big enough entrance to your wormhole pipe and successfully moving it through.

  5. Well, what I wonder is whether InterDict can read or not … actually, scratch that, he cannot.

    The op was saying “This comes to 784,000 m3 of minerals with Tritanium being the biggest spacehog. Sheesh, that’s two freighters full of minerals!”.

    Just letting him know, it can be done with one freighter.

  6. Gukumatzz says:

    As soon as your capital is built a WH will open up to the low sec system your other one is at lol

  7. Gati'la says:

    just a question, how will you exit your cap ship from the C2 WH ?

    • Blake says:

      We live in a C6. My corpmate has his own independent project going on in a C1. The C2 you maybe thinking of was just a link to empire that enabled us to get our Assembly arrays in.

  8. Aztoc says:

    I been reading that capitol ships cannot be built in Wspace due to lack of sovereignty not allowing the anchoring of the X-large buidling arrays.

    Could you confirm or deny this?

    • Magnavox says:

      @Aztoc: Supercarriers and Titans must be built at a capital construction array. Those arrays need sovereignty to be anchored and so cannot be installed at a POS in W-Space. A regular carrier can be built with an X-Large assembly array and so can be built in a W-space system

  9. […] building in wormhole space [post]. Capital building in lowsec [post]. Jump Freighter constriction [post]. Empire POS research […]

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