Irony, my old jackass of a friend

Let me rephrase that:
Irony, you jackass son of a cross-eyed whore. And screw you too, Murphy.

Remember how I’ve been whining about losing a PoS in a C6 for the last few weeks? Last night, I get this:

I logon, and someone by the name of Henner Borgenson has apparently found the PoS and contracted the BMs to Blake, who contracts them to me. We get in our scan alts, burn a way out through four systems in under an hour, and I head back to the PoS to get my Viator, my ship of choice for hostile environments.

Unfortunately, my Viator, rigged as it was, holds 7.5k m3. A large pos, packaged, is 8k m3. So, I take the only available hauler that can hold 8k m3, a trusty Iteron V that someone fit low-friction nozzles to for some reason. I put two stabs, two nanos and an expanded cargohold in the lows and a protocloak in the high, rounding it off with as many shield extenders as I can fit in the midslots and an invul field to cover it. I head out to highsec, and fly to where the BMs are, pick em up, and fly through WH space to a C6, which, lo and behold, has the PoS. I start to unanchor, warp out, warp to 100km, and cloak, setting an orbit of 160km. 55 minutes later, my hauler has made it to warp-to range of the PoS and it’s about to unanchor. I warp to it, scoop it and burn like hell out through the C6 and connecting C2, making it to highsec. Exuberant, I log onto an alt and start clearing anomalies in my C1 while warping the hauler. Half an hour later, I tab into the hauler and notice someone firing at me with cruise missiles. Five seconds later, I’m warping in a pod to the nearest station, buying an itty V and a cargo expander, clinging to the brief hope that the gank was a solo one and the dude is docking to get his own hauler. Shit don’t happen, I arrive at the scene and find my wreck completely looted, along with three battlecruiser wrecks.
It could be the fact that it’s currently 2:30 in the morning, but I really didn’t feel too bothered by this. I guess that I’d already written the tower off as a loss and was treating it as a bonus.
Anyway, I am now, hypothetically, 360 mil poorer than I was a few hours ago, not including the under 5 mil hauler. I WAS going to give Henner Borgenson a letter praising the skies and all the heavens for this glorious day, but he’ll have to settle for a “thanks for thinking of me” note. And some iskies once I manage to get a third and fourth tower running >.>

If anyone asks, I made 20 mil off the sleeper sites as I was ganked for 360 mil.

So, the end result from this is moving “normal space” up to number three on my “list of things to loathe”, finally overtaking “Idiots in expensive ships” but still behind “well-organized gatecamps” and “Pomeranians”

Next time, I’m employing red frog industries for my hauling needs…Curse my impatient self!

6 Comments on “Irony, my old jackass of a friend”

  1. Yargok says:

    Augh, sad to hear it.

    Never been suicide ganked, wich I suppose ups the chance of it happening as I dont expect it.

    Good idea on the C1 pos though.

  2. Zulric says:

    This is not irony. This is how many times can I kick myself over doing stupid shit.


    Work on a little impulse control mate. It the only thing that makes people successful.

  3. kyvon says:

    never been suicide ganked. but like Star Defender’s blog, if you can fly an Itty 5. stick with the T2 Transports. the Occator can haul over 30k m3. if you dont need it, fit extra stabs and tank on it. People have tried to suicide me, and lowsec gank. ive always lived (closest was in 0.0 bubble camp, escaped with 36% armor).
    the only time i’ve lost my hauler was on a “OMG POS ALMOST OUT OF FUEL” run and my cloaky transport spawned at the gate 1700m from a pirate in a group of 30 campers so i couldn’t cloak. i dont count it cuz it wasnt my large hauler, and it was empty.

  4. Ibridi says:

    What do you use to get push notifications of eve mail?

    Thanks, Ibridi

  5. The dangers of dual clients. In high sec I feel less safe then 0.0. You never know who your enemies are. If its expensive I don’t dual box. The freighter runs to Jita with 7 bill in corp moon goo are the craziest. Freighter aligns and warps like a pig, and I don’t dare autopilot that stuff.

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