Procurer BPO Speculation Results

In a previous post, I described the research and assumptions that lead me to speculate on the prices of Procurer BPOs. After 5 weeks, I’ve been able to sell off some of the BPOs for a nice profit.

Market speculation in Eve is high risk and high reward. I always proceed cautiously and try to verify as much of the speculation discourse as possible before making a move. At any moment, CCP could make a change and all your research will be moot.


I was able to offload 6 out of 20 BPOs after the 1.2 Inferno patch for a nice profit.

Quick Results

20 total BPOs purchased at the old NPC price of 450 M:

  • 6 BPOs sold in Jita at rising prices for a profit of 3.8 B
  • 2 BPOs on sale in Jita
  • 2 BPOs in copy slots to make BPCs for future Invention jobs
  • 10 BPOs remain idle in the hangar

Jita Market Post Change

The market reaction went as expected. Pre-patch there was a lot of market activity as news got out about the change. Market speculators got in and started to buy up stock.

After the patch, the BPO price slowly rose towards the new NPC price, a few large players came in to reset the price to a new plateau, and the volume of trade decreased as demand went down.

The key to a good speculative move is to get into the market while the price is the same or unchanged and then attempt to sell off your stock before the level of trade leaves you with dead stock.

The top highlight was me winning the 0.01 ISK game of the Jita market.

On the 26th, a trader with a lot of cash came in and reset the price to closer to the new BPO NPC price. I moved 3 out of 6 of my sales on this date.

Here’s a snapshot of my trades including the profit.

The Future

I’m sitting on 10 idle BPOs at this point. Since my pressure to convert these to liquid ISK is low, I will keep them in my hangar. I am in no rush to sell these off and I can put them into other industry ventures, such as copying or Skiff invention.

10 Comments on “Procurer BPO Speculation Results”

  1. gr4w3 says:

    seeing those profits on those 5 bpo’s is beautiful, From what we have been told and seen (very little at this point) of the winter expansion do you think the upcoming frig , dessi , and crusier changes may bring a similar result?

  2. Great, now i feel like a moron for selling my used one on contracts at only double the old NPC price…

  3. Glad to see and hear your Speculation from some weeks back finally seem to be paying off. Hopefully the other 10 you have in stock yield positive results as well. I had only picked up 1 Procurer BPO for my assets @ 479 M in Jita only a about 2 weeks before the changes. That value has gone up lots since. But mine has been in copying facility since then making lots of copies for Skiff Invention.

    I’m no doubt come winter it will be crazy time again with the introduction of the new hotness of the frontier Mining Frigate. Banking some cheap mineral stock ahead of time will be a very good thing to be able to produce lots of them for profit.

  4. lamthara says:

    simply wonderful. I would like so much to have your ability :\

    I make you a question for you… can you explain me why the prices of the retrievers / procurer are still so under their building cost. I thought that 30 days after the patch the prices would slowly start to rise but i don’t see any sign of it… so far

    • Part of the reason is because many speculators and in the know Industrialist, Traders and others knew of the mineral requirements post mining barge patch and built LOTS of them Pre mining barge patch change to lock in their low build cost and huge profit margin. It cost way less to have built the barges before the patch change for the barges than after. So big gap in margin for profits. Sucks to be anyone though trying to build same said mining barge at today’s market mineral requirement since the changes to mining barges BPO which were changed to require lots more minerals than previous. So prices may look lower on market now in price below actual build cost now but that’s higher than what they were actually built for to begin with Pre patch for mining barge changes and the BPO changes.

      • lamthara says:

        uhm… so it’s just matter of time and we gotta wait the buffer they have created with the cheap retrievers will finish. Then the market will stop acting funny. Let’s hope 😀

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