September Financial Report


Despite my lack of play time the past month due to a new family addition, I still am outperforming my linear trend.

Time invested in trading as fallen to 4-5 hours/week and Tech2 invention/production is much lower, around 1 hour/week.

The large jump in net value in August was due to a move to speculate on mining barge BPO changes.

Bold Modes

Despite the slow sell rate, speculation on Procurer BPOs during the Inferno 1.2 patch turned out to double my ISK investment.

Initial Speculation Research
Speculation Results

Expanding Production

I’ve regained interest in producing Carrier and Dreadnought class ships so I’ve invested 15 B into BPOs for capital parts along with a few select BPO/BPCs for mineral compression.

My initial build will be 8x Carriers (2 Racial) and then see how fast each type moves. The initial quantity of minerals needed for this build came out to 11.7 B.

I’m planning on Carrier/Dreadnought production to be a slow turnover, yet steady income stream. I’ve watched Eve-Fail grow into a full fledged Capital production line and have been inspired to follow his lead.

Winter Expansion Opportunities

New ships are usually highly profitable so I look forward to the new ORE frigate and destroyer ships.

3 Comments on “September Financial Report”

  1. Bede says:

    Howd the t3 manu thing work out

    • Blake says:

      I have been sitting idle on the t3 production. It takes around 30+ days to be able to skill to build each racial hull as you need Racial Cruiser Construction V. I also don’t have a highsec POS (lack standings) or the desire to setup a lowsec/nullsec POS (higher risk).

  2. Looks like things have gone quite well the last 6 months in asset growth.

    I’d like to possibly hear more about the thinking maybe or somewhat behind investment of liquid assets into Capital Infrastructure assets.

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