Highsec Freighter Gank Statistics

themittani.com has an excellent article out detailing Goonswarm ganking efforts in highsec. Eve Fail responded to this with a post about the impact on his logistics line. I found data for 423 highsec freighter ganks to date in 2012 and wanted to present some hard numbers to illistraute to scale of impact that highsec freighter ganks have on hauling traffic.

Ganks by System

Ganks by Alliance

7 Comments on “Highsec Freighter Gank Statistics”

  1. John says:

    thank you for the number. I would be interested to know the value of the gank as well. Is carrying 1bn or less cargo less likely to be ganked than flying stupid? (I’m guessing yes…)

    • Blake says:

      I believe that I can work with the kill report data to see how likely you are to be ganked given your cargo value. Give me a day or two to work with the numbers.

  2. Not The Iteron You Were Looking For says:

    Well, the incursions in systems adjacent to Uedama last night made it hard for cargo scanning scouts to hang out and scan cargos going from Gallente to Caldari space (since the incursion rats hit *very* hard and show up at anything that stays still for too long – one corporation member got popped by 2 Renyn Meten before his covetor finished the 2nd strip miner cycle), so it would have been a good time to haul through. I didn’t have billions to move, just a few tens of millions of minerals. I’m probably too little for the attention, but you never know.

    And it looks like I need to reevaluate my routes, as I routinely (as in every day or every other day) travel through 10 of the list of systems.

    • evehermit says:

      Empire Incursion rats do not turn up on gates. The effects of the incursion however would impact dps and tank, which might well make the gank easier.

      Very interesting statistics though.

  3. Bede says:

    nice stats. but how many transport ships and the like did they manage to get also? or are they trying to stick to freighters.

  4. Zenver says:

    Would be interesting to normalize the ‘ganks per day/hour’ graphs by the number of freighters who are moving stuff around.

  5. […] risk. This extends from not putting too much ISK into the operation in case it fails, not getting a hauling ship ganked, keeping assets under your control, or even not telling people about your timetable and route for […]

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