Failed Booster Delivery

I recently reached out to a manufacturer to start buying boosters in large quantities since I lack the POS reactor setup necessary to create my own. The deal was for a bulk order of around 500 M with delivery to any lowsec/NPC nulls system. Since some of my production characters have found a new home in a NPC pocket of nullsec, I requested them to be delivered there.

I thought the manufacturer would use a jump capable ship to transport the goods, but I was wrong. A few days after the expected delivery date I contacted him and it seems he used a Transport Ship and got caught by a Sabre — always watch out for the Sabre.

It also seems that this loss caused some corporation drama.

From my experience in some of the larger nullsec organizations, there are only a few Booster producers in every group. At the height of the Northern Collation, I recall that 90% of the boosters were being made by two people. I wish the trade was more diverse and stealthy and not dominated by a few major players.

7 Comments on “Failed Booster Delivery”

  1. gr4w3 says:

    damn, I was actually thinking about getting into booster production over the last week lol. but in low sec for this exact reason.

  2. jellydonut says:

    I hope they turn it into the kind of shady ‘meth in space’ business it ought to be. Like, it should be one or two guys running a space RV in secret, type of thing. That would make it interesting for everyone, I think.

  3. Please tell me you didn’t pay him before delivery 😛

  4. NomNomNom says:

    Booster producers are a small happy family, and we’d like to keep it that way.

    I’d kick this guy too though. A fast align cov-ops with a scout to watch for smartbombers would have been fine, or if you can fly it a nullified t3. There’s no good reason to use what he did, even if he did not have access to jump capable ships.

  5. Kell says:

    I used to run boosters, never could get enough business to make it profitable.

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