November Financial Report


My trading and industry focus tends to ebb and flow over time. Station trading, ship building, reactions, tech2/tech3 construction, and other types — one venture may not be the most appropriate  path to success at the given time. Focus on daily ‘0.01 ISK’ trading has fallen off as we’ve moved our focus to Carrier production.

Our mineral compression location has been fully stocked with compression appropriate blueprints, logistic supply lines to our production system have been sorted out, and the initial ISK investment in Capital blueprints has taken place.

Sales from our first Carrier batch have proven profitable, so my partner and I are pleased with the initial results.

Heavy Industry

Current industry jobs contain guns for mineral compression, Carrier hulls, and getting more ME/PE work done on idle ship blueprints and Capital related blueprints.

My two industrial characters are polishing off Advanced Laboratory Operation and Advanced Mass Production to V, which is around a 27 day train each, to maximize their production abilities.


Procurer Blueprints

In an attempt to sell off the stockpile of blueprints that I acquired from price speculation in the Inferno expansion, I have started to become more aggressive with their pricing.

Profits per blueprint have come down into the 250-350 M range. Though they are now worth much more when sourced from NPC suppliers, the market is glutted with people that made the same move as me. My preference is to sell off the stock of 20 prints that I have and to move the ISK into minerals or Capital prints.



I’m seeing a slow, profitable burn the past few months despite spending money on a Capital Ships and Racial Carrier skillbook in addition to a PLEX for a friend to keep his account active.

We’re still turning a profit and I expect the pace to accelerate as our Capital ship production line grows into a full-fledged, efficient operation.




I did not make any moves on the market for Retribution as I did not see any major profit potentials with this patch. The scan changes to Blockade Runners did drive prices up, but I was online far too late to purchase stock.

I did have a plan to place a Jump Freighter in one of the NPC ORE stations that sell blueprints and buy as many BPOs of the new frigate as possible, but the move of liquid ISK into capital prints took precedence.

The rush to build the new Destroyer hulls also did not interest me as I expect their profit potential to rapidly vanish over the next two weeks.

11 Comments on “November Financial Report”

  1. Abbadon21 says:

    Very cool… It’s nice to see industry at this level, and with such detail.

    Do you speculate? or just focus on steady production of items in constant demand?

    • Blake says:

      The majority is production. I’ve only felt safe doing two major speculation moves:
      1. The mining barge rebalance in Inferno
      2. Former NPC items when PI was introduced.

      • Abbadon21 says:

        Me and the readers at my blog did very well with the mining barge changes. Retrievers mostly I think. Also some very big profits when they introduced Tier 3 BCs (but not on them specifically, on the large guns everyone bought to fit them with).

        Looks like there will be good profits made on this expansion as well, but they are spread across so many modules and ships it’s going to interesting to see how it plays out.

        Can’t find an email address for you so I’ll ask here… Do you want to trade links? I like to link to the good player sites I find and I like yours alot. Let me know and I’ll throw the link up in my sidebar under “EVE LINKS”

  2. I feel like the profit for the new destroyers will drop far faster than just 2 weeks, since the blueprints will be cheap and a ton of people will be trying to capitalize on it. It’s not like the blueprints are hundreds of millions of ISK each like when the tier 3 battlecruisers were released.

  3. Akrasjel Lanate says:

    Do you know that they changed the mineral requirements on the cruisers a bit, they went up. 🙂

  4. Bede says:

    Big changes to exploration too.
    no more static plexes anywhere.

    Theres no obvious new money spinner on this patch, but having played on buckingham, the micro jump drives are pretty sweet…

  5. Cayenne says:

    I’m in complete awe… You guys make it look like getting a massive wallet is so easy! Great and interesting read, o7

    • Bede says:

      Its a lot of work, time planning and being prepared, also doing some work on spread sheets to evaluate if the goal you set is even achievable in the time frame you envisioned.

      Then slowly but surely working towards that goal you set to achieve before hopefully getting the desired outcome (a set value of isk for time played).

      (not part of k162,s group)

      Had some spectacular failures, but that’s all part of a learning process.

      • Cayenne says:

        Well, this blog has inspired me to do something, time to make use of my 0.0 sovereignty!

  6. Cadai says:

    What is the program you are using, it looks wonderful!

    • Blake says:

      I made the code public. Look a few posts back for the “Wallet Manager” code.

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