Jump Freighter Invention Decryptor Statistics

As my hulking Charon docked in a quiet Amarr outpost, I started to organize the incoming shipment of minerals, PVP goods, and invention items.

I was getting ready to start the invention jobs for two more Anshar BPCs, but then I realized I had forgot something.

Damn, I forgot to buy the decryptors.

The use of decryptors on invention jobs for large-ticket items such as Jump Freighters, Marauders, and Black Ops is almost mandatory if you want to have high profit margins.

I’ve found that using Collision Measurements is the best type for Jump Freighter invention. Here is the breakdown on how the use of decryptors affects the end profitability of building a Jump Freighter with 4-4-4 skills.

Over the course of the past few months, I’ve built up a small collection of Anshar -1/-1 BPCs for a rainy day. Owning the BPO for the Obelisk, the Capital part components for the freighter, and the Advanced Capital Construction Component Blueprints greatly improves the final profit.

If you want to know more detailed information on the build process, read the Building a Jump Freighter post.

4 Comments on “Jump Freighter Invention Decryptor Statistics”

  1. Personally I think the 2-run -1/1 decryptor is a better volume production option. This reduces the number of copies required per month (at 100M/each) and I think puts you slightly ahead. Also, a 2-run bpc gives you 1 month of production time pretty cleanly.

    There is zero wrong with using the 1-run -1/-1 decryptor… especially for those doing one-off production, but I thought I’d offer a second opinion.

  2. I’ve only tried 1 T2 Invention so far on a Freighter (Providence) and that was a hard failure. That was a BPC I had sitting around for well over a year. Haven’t gotten around to be able to do another on those ships. Though have been considering acquiring some Capital Assets starting with Freighters and Components. So maybe I’ll eventually acquire a Freighter BPO at some point to eventually work from.

    But thats a seemingly healthy couple of T2 Jump Freighters there to build and I can only imagine the Profit Margin.

  3. bede says:

    Datacores OMG SO CHEAP!
    <100k a mech dcore…

    However where a bpc used to be 35 mill, its trading at 135 for a me8+ obilisk with some other types going for more.

    It would be interesting if you could r&d down a t2 bpc. at least then you could afford to put it in the oven for a month or 2 at 10 mill or so a month to bring build cost down by hundreds of mill.

    Ive got a couple of arc bpc's might build them after xmass

  4. Ai says:

    Your T2 BPC run numbers are off by 1 for decryptors giving a run bonus. The formula for calculating resulting runs changed in Inferno. For instance, with Engagement Plan an invention even with a single run T1 ship BPC will result in a 3 (not 2) run T2 BPC.

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