Carrier Runs 1-4

The Carrier building venture has turned out to be quite profitable for the first run of 1x each of the racial Carriers.


Material Purchases 4,300,785,192.70
Manufacturing Costs 948,074.70


1,500,000,000.00 Archon
1,500,000,000.00 Thanatos
1,350,000,000.00 Chimera
1,250,000,000.00 Nidhoggur
Totals 5,600,000,000.00

Profit +1,298,266,732.6

Runs 5-8 are currently being built.

Parts for runs 9-12 are nearly ready.

I’m going to have to get another set of racial Carrier BPOs to help feed production lines as we are currently idle while we wait for the Carrier BPOs to come out of manufacturing.

11 Comments on “Carrier Runs 1-4”

  1. sardcaid17 says:

    What’s the time commitment for this profitable venture? If there’s one thing I like from mission blitzers, its the isk/hour comparison. This is a comparison which is often lacking from industry analysis.

    • Gordena Gecko says:

      Just a quick calculation: 4 Carriers with at least PE 1 should need 260h production , the components per carrier should average 330h each, so:

      260×4 + 4×330 = 2360h for a 1,298B profit gets you 550k/h. That is good. But i guess Blake has mineral compression running, that cuts into the profit/h. Maybe you could give us an estimate how many hours of compression you have Blake? its just a wild guess but i think he will land at around 400 to 450k/h.

      • Renegade Fighter says:

        Nice haul there Blake. I’d be quite interested in getting into carrier production, but as you mentioned, 30b is a hefty start-up cost. It’s certainly a goal to strive for.

        @ sarcarid17 / Gordena

        One thing to take into account is there are a number of build runs operating concurrently.

        From my point of view, I would be asking how much time is spent actively clicking to create the carriers, for example:
        – spreadsheeting
        – buying minerals; compressing (if required)
        – hauling (to/from building station)
        – creating build runs; monitoring runs; selling finished goods

        I think you’d find that ISK per ‘hour of effort’ is substantially higher. Personally, for 11 hours of effort over November, I ‘should’ earn 2.5b. Which equates to 230m/hour.

        Put that into perspective, with a well oiled supply chain – which I would suggest Blake has no trouble with – it is possible to crank out 12 carriers per month for ~4b profit (conservative estimate) from carriers only, not including the expansion that Blake mentioned.

      • raath says:

        For compression we have a number of 425mm railgun, 800mm repeating Artillery and passive targeter 1s to soak up the trit.

        Generally we purchase around 6-8 bil of minerals (say 400 mil trit, 100 pye and so forth) and it takes me around 24 hours to compress the whole lot down. Timewise, purchasing 2-3 hours, haul to compress 15 minutes, 24 hours to compress, another hour to haul to staging then 15 minutes to jump to reprocess. Round it up to 48 hours to take into account RL stuff of which only 3 hours is spent actually doing stuff.

        We worked out that the minerals lost through processing only amounts up to a value of 10 mil on 6-8 bil of minerals. So roughly the price of 1 outward trip jump on a JF.

        I think you’re undercutting our profit margin by quite a few powers though. I can see the logic if we built 1 carrier at a time and 1 component at a time but we do everything together in one solid lump of industry. for me that’s about an hour of putting cap parts in the oven, check back in about 4 days to deliver them then wait for the carrier BPOs to finnish, deliver, reload, rinse and repeat.

        For 4 carriers worth of capital parts it takes roughly 96 hours of production The equation would look more like this :

        260 + 96 + 48 = 404h
        so 1.289B / 404 = 3.2 M per hour of almost passive incomme which requires at most 3-4 hours of activity every 2 weeks.

        I handle all admin work through Grew out of spreadsheets quite some time ago.

  2. sardcaid17 says:

    What’s the time investment associated with this venture, now that all the pieces are in place and production has begun? One thing I like to borrow from mission blitzers is the isk/hour comparison. It’s an analysis that is often lacking from industry gurus who tout the magnitude of their profits.

  3. thighzen says:

    Do you have a buyer arranged before you start production of the carriers or do you put them up on the market (or contracts) when they finish? If you don’t use the market, how do you go about finding buyers for them?

  4. Bede says:

    Interesting, Just reached my first billion profit inventing and building t2 items. only just got things running smoothly over the last week,

    ships are interesting but im making more isk selling bpc’s for freighters at 130mill for 8me 1pe and cap parts and cap hanger? parts, both averaging 110 -120 mill for 27 days of copy time.

  5. Bede says:

    with the Nidhoggur payout being 250 mill less than the archon, wouldn’t you rather build another archon vrs even starting the Nidhoggur?

    • Blake says:

      The first was was just a test to see how quickly each race will sell. As I scale up the Carrier BPOs, it looks like there will be more Than/Archon than Nid.

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