The Mittani Grew the Eve Community

I leave for a week on vacation and the bloggers have a meltdown? Take a deep breath, relax, and let it all happen.

This post is a direct response to Rixx Javix’s post The Mittani Killed the Eve Community on Eveoganda.

In the last two years the number of active Eve Blogs has dropped from about 300 to about 100.
Rixx Javix

I would argue that this trimming of the fat is a good thing for the community. Blogs with an unfocused voice, lackluster content, or passion have been reduced. The amount of noise has been reduced and the true pearls of the group have been formed(1).

You go to Jester’s Trek if you need up-to-date commentary on anything happening in the community, The Altruist for PVP and ship analysis, or Ardent Defender for industry and production details — there are many, many more core blogs so don’t feel alarmed if you were left out. These are a sampling of the top tier ones to serve as examples.

The powerhouse blogs are going to remain standing and is going to do nothing but grow the power of the community; I said ‘power’ because I expect the blog count to get reduced.

The outlet that has created is a collection of well written stream from various authors. Content creators that lacked an established site can now contribute to a known, powerful brand. Readers can go to one consolidated source in addition to the established blogs.

1. On vacation I visited a pearl farm in Vietnam. The local guide told me it takes 5-6 years to form a viable pearl with a 10% success rate of perfection (nice sphere, unified color). I’ll equate a 10% perfect success rate to the 300 or so blogs that Rixx estimates were out there to what we are now seeing in the community.

11 Comments on “The Mittani Grew the Eve Community”

  1. Rixx Javix says:


  2. rixxjavix says:

    So, let me get this straight then. Less blogs means the community has grown? And more “power” in less hands is better? I see.

    Trolololololol. Seriously. Dood.

  3. Whenever someone mentions why do the words “fair and balanced” always pop into my head? 8p

  4. Ravol says:

    Quality over Quantity any time!

  5. WeWhoEat says:

    does anyone know if there’s an RSS url that’s only the eve news on I see their “all” RSS url, but I really only interested in the eve news.

  6. Akrasjel Lanate says:

    Yea right


  7. sardcaid17 says:

    I shifted my blag to a different form of media. I know that doesn’t account for all the departures, but I sure as hell see more podcasts these days.

    • Bede says:

      why read about fights when you can see it on utube

      • sardcaid17 says:

        It’s an entirely different form of analysis, which allows the author to weave narrative along with battle reporting. However for instructional and more important casual reporting, streaming in particular wins out.

  8. Bede says:

    thanks for the link, been reading the mittani daily now…
    my statement about utube still stands tho 😛 and no matter what I search on youtube i get eve vids on the side..

  9. […] addition to the post The Mittani Grew the Eve Community, I wanted to backup my claim of growth for blogs that contain a strong voice with traffic […]

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