Optimal Carrier Blueprint Ratios

Carriers use a lot of Drone bays, especially the mighty Thanatos. This large requirement leads to a bottleneck in production so I wanted to know the optimal number of Drone Bay blueprints needed to remove this problem.

Using a ME2 Thanatos BPO, I found the optimal ratio of blueprints needed to complete the construction of Capital parts needed for one carrier in around 5.9 days.

Having 6 Carrier Drone blueprints removes the Drone Bay bottleneck and pushes that problem onto 3 other components. I started to adjust the other components to shift the bottleneck around, but it just seems to increase the same radio of problematic blueprints. From my work it seems that the 1:6 Drone ratio is the simplest ratio.

6 Comments on “Optimal Carrier Blueprint Ratios”

  1. How are you calculating the production time for a single blueprint? It shows Drone Bays as taking 33.61 days for 57 of them. At PE0, 57 should only take 8 days 10 hours. With a PE20 BPO and at an Amarr Factory Outpost, can get to 4 days 19 hours. And can get lower with an upgraded Gallente outpost.

    • Blake says:

      I just looked at the time on one of my production characters. Yes it might be off based on skills or implants, but that change will apply to all BPO in the ratio spreadsheet so the final ratio still holds true.

      I don’t construct in an Outpost because there are a small number of slots. In a NPC station there are 50 slots to work with, which I’m filling with Carrier, T2, T1 jobs.

  2. dondissy says:

    how about mixing in other capitals – like a freighter. wondering, how this would turn out (assuming you already have more ship BPOs). ofc you still have to consider available production slots of your characters and mineral availability.
    ahh eve’s a nightmare ^^ – I’m off-eve for a year now..

    • Blake says:

      right now my production line is only Carriers as I am producing in low/nullsec. Freighter margins are very small

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