Carrier Production Using Compression

Jump capable ships have a fairly easy production workflow; common minerals are made into capital components that then get combined into the ship hull. There is no invention process, no reliance on moon reactants, or even a multistage reaction process like Tech3 hull/subsystem production.

The con to the production process is that there is a high barrier of entry and a ISK sink into blueprints. I estimate that I moved around 30 B into BPOs and starter minerals to begin producing the 4 racial carriers.

My first stage is to start up Carrier production, which is coming along nicely. Carrier blueprints have been purchased, researched Tech 1 module blueprints that are mineral compression friendly were bought on contracts, a highsec compression office was rented, and a cyno chain to the production system was mapped out.

The second stage of the  plan is to eventually expand into Dreadnought production, which require a few more Capital Component BPOs. Once I start to sell Carrier hulls and Capital modules, I’ll move more ISK into blueprints for these heavy hitters.

The initial purchase was for a researched set (ME 100/PE 20) of every Carrier Capital Component, 4 Racial Carriers, Fighters, and Capital Module BPOs.

Using the magic of mineral compression, I transported 206,500 m3 of modules and produced 1,608,535 m3 of minerals after the refine process. The modules’ volume was only 12.8% of the expanded mineral size.

Here’s a screenshot of my Industry Dashboard that I built in my Wallet Manager program to help keep track of all the different jobs bring run by different characters in various locations.

This pane helps keeps a nice overview of the manufacturing and research process, which I can bring up on a computer, mobile, or even a tablet device.

10 Comments on “Carrier Production Using Compression”

  1. Starspy says:

    Is that industry manager available for public use?

  2. *Shakes fist* Once again Blake, you get to a project about 5 weeks before I’m ready…Curse your giant wallet! 😉 Nice setup job though, it appears we’ve both been avidly reading Parasoja’s blog 😉 Good luck with production!

    Oh and Starspy, the industry manager is pretty incredible, but might require a degree in programming to use (literally). The rest of us mere mortals make use of extensive spreadsheet-fu.

  3. Bede says:

    i was going to get into dreads, but changed my mind as back then they were pretty terrible ships, i see the buff they got has made them more widely used.

    my only problem with caps in general is getting the required returns for the time and effort involved. It sucks putting that much time in only to get into a .1 isk war. If you had a gaurented market and decent constant ROI than id roll with it.

    Sadly this isnt the case, so im sticking to a small number of t2 mod’s and just bide my time stockpiling mins, and buying loot for reproc at low rates..

    • Blake says:

      I haven’t’ found too much 0.01 isk war’ing with capital ships. It seems that there is a relatively small amount of producers. Once in a while someone will ‘firesale’ a carrier. It helps to just wait that one out and wait for your item to come up for sale as the lowest.

  4. Space Noob says:

    It’ll be quite a while before I get to this level of industry but I’m already fascinated. I have a question : would you pay for a compression service and if so what would you pay?

  5. OutOf Bound says:

    Would you consider making your Wallet Manager Open Source with a code hosting site, for example on github?

    I’ve already patched up quite a few things in your code, and could take care of it for you. If you want, just email me or convo me ingame.

  6. Bede says:

    wouldn’t it be easier to just ship in ready made parts ? or is that much crazier logistics/isk wise? and are you selling direct to alliance?

    • Blake says:

      Capital parts are 10,000 m3 EACH so it would kill margins and take far too much time to move them around. I sell on the open market.

  7. warpout says:

    how you do you calculate compression mod composition, spreadsheet? Could you please share it?

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