Racial Starship Engineering V

After 133 days of training, I have completed a training plan on one of my production characters that now allows me to construct every Tech 3 Hull and Subsystem.

Amarrian Starship Engineering V (25 D)
Caldari Starship Engineering V (25 D)
Gallentean Starship Engineering V (25 D)
Minmatar Starship Engineering V (25 D)
Cruiser Construction V (25 D)
Jury Rigging V (8 D)



Up next is Advanced Laboratory Operation V and Advanced Mass Production V to polish off the industry skills.

I’ve run the profit potential numbers on both the Hulls and Subsystems and they are both a good time investment. I just need to either wait for a POS rework or grind standings for a highsec POS.

I have little to no interest in setting up a production POS in lowsec due to the ability of any entity coming along and reinforcing the POS. I would rather operate under the umbrella of a 24 hour wardec timer that would allow me to bring up defenses and recover industry items before the war goes live.



6 Comments on “Racial Starship Engineering V”

  1. Sturis says:

    For anchoring a high sec POS you might wanna use a POS anchoring service instead of doing the tedious standings grind (enough to kill myself). I used this dudes service https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=1569558. You can buy a corp from him or like I did used my own corp. Just only members in it who never did any missions (or at least one in corp as CEO). He joins the corp and you wait about 7 days for the corp standings to be recalibrated. Offcourse u provide tower and some fuel and charters.

  2. Archare says:

    For Pos work you could consider a Wormhole with a hi sec static. A full Dickstar POS in a C1 generally is enough of a deterrent to keep people from poking it with sticks. Especially when you need to use battlecruisers and below to take it down. Along with this, the general transient nature of wormholes makes means that most casual groups will ignore your POS and only people with personal vendettas or just people that knock on doors “just because” will be determined to waste a few hours of their life reinforcing a tower in W-space.

  3. Helena Khan says:

    Congrats. That is one big hunk of skills. I still need to take a majority of those from 4 to 5… along with cruiser, battleship and capital construction, but was planning to take the pesky encryption methods out first… >sigh<… there goes another year.

    And I keep on getting distracted onto shooty type skills!! 😛

  4. That’s quite Impressive a Skill Set Completion there. Salute on on getting all those skills to lvl 5.

    I’m short of that same goal on my main character just needing to set aside time to train Starship Engineering on each race from lvl 4 to lvl 5 which i guess would take about 93 days in total. That would be a good chunk of time.

    All those T3 BPC’s looks quite impressive also. How did you manage to get that many of those all done?

  5. Bede says:

    /me *whistles*
    Thats pretty impressive, ship bpc invention time too 🙂 you could be punching out t2 frig and cruiser bpc’s like no body’s business..

    I suppose you don’t want to jump corps, but there are some groups that could rent you a facility / lab space to build your goodies with out to much trouble.

    we have a number of under utilized assets atm, but we try to keep a very low profile due to mercs and assorted griefers.

    if your interested just let me know.

  6. […] 133 days of training into Racial Cruiser Construction V and Jury Rigging V to enable Tech 3 hull and subsystem production in the coming […]

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