May Financial Report

tl;dr Charts

Things are going great!

May Challenges

Since I missed my April update, this report will contain some events from April.

Overall the Inferno patch cycle brought a large amount of change in the form of market speculation:

Drone mineral drops were removed, market and macro bots were banned, RMT was again cracked down on, Vanguard sites were nerfed, Technetium prices were controlled, faction/deadspace/officer items were added to the market, Nocxium’s artifical price ceiling was removed, and datacores were moved to Faction Warfare. Whew.

All these changes combined with the Burn Jita and Hulkageddon V event meant that prices were volatile.

Major Points

I have joined TEST and have been working with their market division, which seems to be a perfect fit for me. TEST has a very savvy development group that has no trouble coding up sites to manage our efforts.

In April at a Eve meetup, I met another trader who mainly operates in the North with an operation about 8x my size. It was a lot of fun to talk shop with another trader. I think we bored the PVP’ers while we rambled on about margins, hauling, bulk orders, and general logistics. I have apparently made a name for myself because she said, “oh you’re the Blake I’ve heard about — yes, I know about you.”

Order highlighting has improved the speed and accuracy at which I can update orders. I spend about 20 minutes a day total broken into two sessions updating prices. I tend to update after downtime and around 23:00, which is US prime.

Stats @CCP_Diagoras Style

172,592,790,045 sold so far in 2012.
35,912,308,945 profit so far in 2012.
12,340 transactions so far in 2012.
2,921,500.42 average profit per transaction in 2012.
10,843,867.01 standard deviation per transaction in 2012.
Top item by quantity was Tritanium with 90,272,146 sold for a profit of 306,018,174.
Worst profitable item was 1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I where I lost 49,869,884.
Best trading day on May 5th with a total profit of 1.24 B beating out Oct 24, 2011 at 793 M when I sold a Jump Freighter I build from scratch.

The Future

Keep doing what I am doing and keep putting liquid ISK back into the market.

I spent some money and picked up 305 Tech 3 Subsystem BPCs. The return isn’t that high, so I might put this project off for a later date or work with a production partner to complete the batch.

The addition of officer/deadspace/faction items has opened up new area of trading. I have been having good success with these and am slowing building my list of items to watch.

New modules are almost always insanely profitable. The addition of the new Inferno modules have so far proven to be very lucrative.

5 Comments on “May Financial Report”

  1. Abbadon21 says:

    Nice job… New patches are huge opportunities for profit. Demand is usually predictable enough to get a huge ROI.

  2. Trade101.5 says:


    Been reading your blog for the past couple of months, it’s made me turn 3 characters around in training to try and give trade/production a go while I do other things on my 0.0 chars.

    Keep up the great posts 🙂

    Out of interest, I’ve read back quite a way, did you ever release your wallet manager code?

    • Blake says:

      Thanks! I have not released the wallet manager code because I haven’t had the time to clean up all the horrible SQL injection style queries.

  3. Ai says:

    I’ve been lurking on your blog for a while and it’s been very interesting, because my trading & researching activity is where you were about half a year ago if we use the NAV as reference. And it doesn’t stop there, I also write my tools based on the Yii framework. The main one is not a wallet manager tho, but a general “tradufacturing” tool that provides potential profits for trading, manufacturing and invention based on market data auto-gathered with a cache scrapper. Still, expanding the business has been increasingly complex. I’m now looking at the opportunities enabled by getting a JF…

    So keep going, I’ll be watching 😉

  4. […] So, I read Seismic Stan’s account of his time in Aideron Robotics, whereupon I became insanely envious of its internal industry app, having already been envious of Blake’s version. […]

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