Trading Performance Statistics by Meta Level

Since the addition of higher level meta items to the market, I have started to find a few niche markets and experiment with trading them on the open market as opposed to the contract market. I knew they were producing a greater return than standard tech 1/2 items, but I wanted to quantify that value.

I used the following database query to get the average margin by meta level for the past 120 days of trading.

SELECT invMetaTypes.metaGroupID, invMetaGroups.metaGroupName, AVG((profit / (price * quantity))) * 100 as averageMargin
 FROM wallet
 JOIN invMetaTypes ON (wallet.typeID = invMetaTypes.typeID)
 JOIN invMetaGroups ON (invMetaTypes.metaGroupID = invMetaGroups.metaGroupID)
 WHERE transactionDateTime > DATE_SUB(CURDATE(),INTERVAL 120 DAY)
 GROUP BY invMetaTypes.metaGroupID
 ORDER BY metaGroupID

It turns out that trading in Deadspace items has been really profitable. Though the sample base for Deadspace is considerably smaller than tech 1/2, the margins have been consistently high.

I have not worked with any Officer modules yet.

Table data in a nice chart.

Profit % By Meta Level with Standard Deviation

Though it did not terribly skew the results, the tech 1 value was influenced by  high margins from the new Drone Damage Amplifier I modules that are returning a 92.6% profit.

3 Comments on “Trading Performance Statistics by Meta Level”

  1. Firstly says:

    To what do you attribute the seemingly anomalous std. deviation spike in the t2 modules? Seems to me it should be a pretty linear progression from cheapest to most expensive items, and yet, it’s not. Help us, Blake. You’re our only hope…

    • Blake says:

      the T2 data is for modules and ships. I see a lot of variation in ship profitability. I Ishtar can be as high as 16% profit while a Damage Control II is around 8%.

  2. Bede says:

    wish i had a 1/2 hour for eve :/

    i did find a few interesting trading items that seem to be very good pay off, but only in the area i operate.

    Also found some epic t2 items that are paying off nicely, just having trouble getting the time to login and reset invention jobs.

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