Bubbled and Podded

It was bound to happen. My WH partner and I were not watching out directional and we got bubbled by the Phobos and killed. We tried to log-off the Orca, but it could not tank the damage.

They were fast to scan us down as I probably was off directional for 5-6 minutes.

We lost:

1x Hulk
1x Retriever
1x Orca, insured

2009.09.22 13:51:00

Victim: Blake
Destroyed: Hulk
System: J114443
Security: 0.0
Damage Taken: 2617

Involved parties:

Name: Firefite
Security: 1.6
Corp: Aperture Harmonics
Alliance: NONE
Ship: Vexor
Weapon: Warp Disruptor II
Damage Done: 1601

Name: Pocurk (laid the final blow)
Security: 5.5
Corp: Aperture Harmonics
Alliance: NONE
Ship: Dominix
Weapon: Ogre II
Damage Done: 1016

Name: Ace Secunda
Security: 3.2
Corp: Aperture Harmonics
Alliance: NONE
Ship: Anathema
Weapon: Warp Disruptor II
Damage Done: 0

Name: Sole Trader
Security: 3.6
Corp: Aperture Harmonics
Alliance: NONE
Ship: Phobos
Weapon: Warp Disruption Field Generator I
Damage Done: 0

Destroyed items:

Invulnerability Field I, Qty: 2
Mining Laser Upgrade I
Strip Miner I, Qty: 2
Crokite, Qty: 279 (Cargo)

Dropped items:

Survey Scanner II
Cap Recharger I
Mining Laser Upgrade I
Strip Miner I

Back to Jita to get a new Hulk and fittings. Good thing we have one of our corpmates offline right now and he can get us a new entrance tomorrow when activity dies down.

Remote Repping

It came time to unlock another Rarefied Core Deposit so my partner and I took the Dominix in with two support cruisers. Both of them had a Remote Armor Repair module and a complement of Armor Repair Drones. The Dominix armor tank never went below 80%. The Sleeper BC’s did change targets 3 times and we had to warp the Cruisers out as they had limited tanks. I also lost 5x Ogre I drones as the sleepers took them out right away.

1x Sleepless Sentinel (BS)
2x Awakened Sentinel (BC)


1x Dominix (BS)
1x Remote Repping Vexor (BC)
1x Remote Repping Hurricane (BC)

Remote Repping the Dominix

New Life in WH Space

I worked on an Average site last night and cleared 15K Arkonor, 30K Bistot and 20K Crokite. I received the following message from my WH partner this AM.

2009.09.14 08:46
omg blake!!!!  We’re not going anywhere.

Good work last night btw,  Clearing that avg.  Time to get those lasers warmed up good and proper.  We have 2….. yes I said 2 as in two rarefied core deposits.

That means

100K Ark
160K Bistot
160K Crok

At our 75% refined state that’s still just shy of 2 billion isk on those 2 sites.  add onto that what we mined the past couple of days and that’s a hell of a lot of money.


Great Monday morning news as I was expecting to help take down the POS and move to a neighbor WH this morning.

While clearing the Sleep spawns, I almost lost my Dominix today on the first site. With my Dominix Rail/Blaster Setup, I can barely tank 1 Sleeper BS and 2x Sleeper Cruisers. Luckily, my partner had a Remote Hull Repairer on his ship and was keeping me alive.

Here’s a shot me of me dipping into Structure; my heart was beating a little faster at this point.

Clearing a Rarefied Core Deposit in a C5

Clearing a Rarefied Core Deposit in a C5

I did stay alive, but I need to make sure to remember these two tactics: don’t warp to 0 right on top of the Sleeper ships and use Heavy Drones on Sleeper Battleships. Whew, onto the Arkonor, Bistot and Crokite!

Eve Ship Quiz

EVE@Phase.org has a online quiz and flashcard section to the website. I got a 35% on the ship quiz which shows that I need to study up on my Minmatar, Caldari, and general Tech2 ships as I did not recognize the Gallente Tech2 Interdictor or Combat Recon Ship. How did I miss the Ishkur, d’oh!

20 questions answered. 7 correct.

Ships you recognised:

  1. Megathron is a Gallente Battleship
  2. Golem is a Caldari Marauder
  3. Kronos is a Gallente Marauder
  4. Amarr Shuttle is a Amarr Shuttle
  5. Dominix is a Gallente Battleship
  6. Covetor is a Gallente Mining Barge
  7. Leviathan is a Caldari Titan

Ships you didn’t recognise:

  1. Eris is a Gallente Interdictor
  2. Ark is a Amarr Jump Freighter
  3. Slasher is a Minmatar Frigate
  4. Lachesis is a Gallente Combat Recon Ship
  5. Hoarder is a Minmatar Industrial
  6. Ishkur is a Gallente Assault Ship
  7. Hyena is a Minmatar Electronic Attack Ship
  8. Crane is a Caldari Transport Ship
  9. Buzzard is a Caldari Covert Ops
  10. Flycatcher is a Caldari Interdictor
  11. Claw is a Minmatar Interceptor

J114443 C5 Profits, 595 M

We hit a Rarified Core Deposit for 4 days straight. This WH has been the most profitable so far. I hope that we get a good, empty C5 neighbor to move into tomorrow. No more Gravimetric sites are spawning so I am getting some C32 out of a Ladar sight until downtime.

J114443 Profits